Setting out an array of sex toys in preparation for a session always gets me excited. Why not make a fun night even better right? Here are some of my favourite position and toy suggestions. These positions feature the Liberator Wedge (or Ramp if you need more surface area). They are both PHENOMENAL but if you don't have one, try a firm pillow.

Perfect access to the nipples and clitoris combined with deep thrusting is a sure fire way to well, get fired up! I recommend the TangoX Bullet, the Melt suction toy or the Palm Power Extreme Wand for the most powerful sensations.

Use a cock ring like the Nös and take long, slow thrusts. Smoosh your bits together so that the vibration feels like an earthquake between you. Sure to make the earth move! If you're using a harness, try the Me2 Probe dildo that has a large base that vibrates over the entire vulva.

This is a great position for any couple configuration. You can use a penis or a strap-on and penetrate both vaginally or anally. If you're penetrating the vagina, now is the time to whip out the butt toy. I recommend the Njoy plugs or the Snug Plug. If you're the one doing the penetrating, wear a butt plug yourself! Try the Verge that fits around the cock and balls for even more extreme pleasure. And if you're penetrating your partner using a harness & dildo, why not slip the Jive in for the type of pleasure that will make you lose your mind?

Such an intimate position that allows for full eye contact. Perfect for the Chorus if you're a cis couple, the Pom if your vulva to vulva and the Manta if you're penis to penis.

Who doesn't want to add a sex toy during oral? This is the perfect position to pleasure yourself whilst being pleasured. Any sex toy will do! My fave? Bullets for clits and a cock rings for penises. Maybe some nipple clamps for good measure.

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