1. Cunts Soaps by Greg Taylor $45.00

Artist Greg Taylor creates portraits of vulvas. He sits in front of the subject and sculpts what he sees in clay. The result is a stunning piece of art you can hang on your wall or display on your mantlepiece. We had Greg sculpt my vulva and then commissioned him to make soaps from the mold. Greg's work is featured at MONA in Hobart and now you too can have your vulva sculpted by Greg right here at Passionfruit. Now that would be one helluva Christmas present.

2. Workshops

We've never had as many workshops at Passionfruit as we did in 2018. Sex Education was our mission and we delivered. Euphemia's information packed workshops were a huge hit, culminating in her being featured in The Sunday Age and deciding to relocate to California to continue her education. Carol's tantric style workshops were continually sold out and she has expanded her repertoire to include couples. Anne O Nomis started the year with her sensual Qürsu event, presenting her research into ancient sex rituals. She continues to offer Dominatrix courses and will offer more of her knowledge in 2019 in smaller, more digestible formats. Sign up early for our exclusive sex ed workshops coming up soon.

3. Sona by Lelo $210.00

Air pressure toys have been the huge hit of recent years and now they are better than ever, having improved dramatically since inception. We love the Lelo version that has the easiest functions and prettiest design. If you haven't tried one of these toys, they use air pressure rather than vibration to coax the clitoris to climax, usually in record time. The effect is simply remarkable. Highly recommended.

4. Tantus Super Soft Dildos

If there's one area of the sex toy market that is underdeveloped, it's dildos. In our experience, they are either too large or too ugly or just plain weird and we're constantly on the lookout for the best. This year Tantus launched their Super Soft range and we fell in love. The silicone has a heavenly squish factor that you can happily wrap your loins around but maintains it's structure when pressed head on for delightful penetration. The colours are divine!

5. Manta Penis Stimulator by Fun Factory $180.00

The penis toy market has sky rocketed in recent years and the latest one to hit the shelves is the Manta by Fun Factory. We have it on good advice that it feels incredibly sensual when wrapped around the penis with its deep vibrations felt throughout the entire body. It fits any size, looks super sexy and can be worked from base to tip. It's a brilliant addition to a blow job too. 

6. Sliquid Lubricant $25.00

Vaginal health is finally receiving the attention it deserves with more and more of us being aware of what goes into our body and how it effects our health. Lubricants are being seen less and less as a 'need' and more and more of a 'want' as we discover the benefits of quality products. Sliquid is by far the most natural, most hypo-allergenic and most feel-good water based lubricant available. It's a lifesaver for sufferers of sensitive vulvas and vaginas, is vegan, organic and has only five ingredients that are the best you'll come across. Don't use anything else with your silicone toys. Or else.

7. Je Joue Rabbit Bullet $89.00

The best thing about a bullet with ears is that you can position them around your clitoris with precision, for surround sound, deep clitoral orgasms. The ears offer a light touch or, when pressed harder, satisfying power and pressure when you need it. Je Joue have designed one of the only bullets we've found with three buttons that can control speed and pattern independently.

8. B-Vibe Snug Plugs $79.00 & $99.00

It's not often that you find real innovation in this industry. B-Vibe are a female owned company who have truly revolutionised anal play products. Their latest products Snug Plugs are a case in point - they're a butt plug that have all the softness and comfort of a silicone plug together with the fuller feeling and weight of a stainless steel plug. They are a true segue from beginner to advanced and we recommend them for those who want to take their anal pleasure further.

9. Touch Solo Dual Vibrator $169.00

Oofff. That's the sound that comes out after using this shockingly effective rabbit style toy. Internally it's designed to target the G-Spot and externally it applies more surface area to the vulva than anything else on the market. The motor delivers tractor power vibration and the functions are swiped not pushed down for those with a delicate touch. The price is outstanding too. Our favourite rabbit of the year. 

10. Überlube

Überlube is by far our best selling product. Countless Passionfruit customers have come to know the benefits of this product and always return with clown size smiles and gratitude. We have long wished for an overhaul of the lubricant market, understanding that it should be as lucrative and shame free as the skin care market. Überlube have helped overcome much of that shame by creating a superior product in luxury packaging. It transforms your sex life.

Honorable Mentions & Staff Faves

1. Sense Vibe

The Sense Vibe continues to be a Passionfruit favourite. We simply can't go past the ingenious and elegant charging case that sits so perfectly by your bed. Its hybrid design of dual stimulator, for external and internal arousal, allows for the thrusting and exploration that only a single shaft can generally provide, whilst its rigid tip and flexible neck gives pressure to the G-Spot as well as comfort and flexibility internally.

2. Wish by We-Vibe

The unassuming shape and size of the Wish belies its phenomenal power and functionality. We love it because of the way the deep vibrations thoroughly penetrate body tissue. Use it as an extension of the hand for the vulva, penis, perineum and body. It's easily app-controlled for both practicality and fun.  We-Vibe (Standard Innovations) have recently merged with Womanizer (creators of the air-pressure technology) and we are super excited to see how they will lead the industry in 2019.

3. N-Joy Butt Plug - Medium

When a product is this good you can't ignore it. It amplifies your pleasure, keeps you in the present moment oh-so delightfully and stays in place with the greatest of comfort. Apply some Überlube, insert and start your tax return with a grin. Then drop everything and have break-the-table sex.

4. Wildhide Deluxe Harness

We are constantly keeping customers at bay who are on the waiting list for this harness. Our maker simply cannot keep up with the orders. It fits the body like a glove, holds any dildo that is required in place, is super quick to adjust and looks incredibly sexy on all shapes and sizes. If anyone asks 'What's the best harness?' our reply is always the same. It's unbeatable.

5. On for Her by Sensuva

For me, it's as essential as lubricant. One drop of this delightful oil on the clitoris gives instant mind/body connection. It warms, it lubricates, it arouses and intensifies. It's a bedroom essential.