Yep...reading is sexy.

Below are our best sellers right now and they're all carefully selected by us because they're brilliant.

1. The Come As You Are Workbook by Emily Nagoski

One of the best reads in the last few years is Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski because it reveals the fascinating reason we desire sex or not. Now the workbook helps you discover exactly what your own particular 'accelerators' and 'brakes' are in relation to your desire and how to work them to your benefit. So fun!

TOP TIP: Buy in conjunction with the Liberator Heart Wedge for reclining on while reading and having sex on afterwards.

2. The History and Arts of the Dominatirix by Anne O Nomis

We're so lucky to have the author of this book, Anne O Nomis, as one of our Passionfruit educators. Anne is our go-to encyclopaedia on all things dominant, submissive, masochist and fetishist. Her deep understanding of the psychology, history and culture of sexuality is awesome in its breadth and this book interweaves all of that into not only a brilliant manual but a fascinating insight into the hitherto unknown world of the Dominatrix.

TOP TIP: Buy in conjunction with the Maison Close Wooden Spanking Ruler to really get you fired up.

3. Urban Tantra by Barbara Carrellas

What better time to slow down your sex practice and experience 'the great cosmic orgasm'? Enough said.

TOP TIP: Buy in conjunction with some deluxe Love Potion Massage Oil.

4. Girl Sex 101 by Alison Moon

Whatever your sexuality, this book is the definitive guide on sex in the modern age. Girl Sex 101 not only gives practical tips on pleasuring but also helps you to navigate your way through the nuances and politics of modern sexuality. It's the most inclusive and diverse book there is on the subject and for us, Girls Sex 101 is our go-to 'best practice' manual.

TOP TIP: Buy in conjunction with the Pride Rainbow Dildo and the Limited Edition Feel My Power Wednesday Wand

5. The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton & Janet W. Hardy

This third edition of the classic guide to non-traditional relationships is so valuable not only to those IN non-traditional relationships, but for anyone wanting to challenge their ideas around the societal structures that may no longer serve our needs.

TOP TIP: Buy in conjunction with Jonny Condoms and Überlube Travel


6. The Mistress Manual by Mistress Lorelei

We love this gentle introduction into the exciting world of female domination (yes it is rather heteronormative but you can easily swap pronouns to suit your situation). The Mistress Manual is full of advice on how to be totally confident and assertive both in and out of the bedroom and answers so many questions you might have regarding what you both really want out of being either a submissive or a dominant.

TOP TIP: Buy in conjunction with Restraint Door Hangers & Spreader Bar

7. 101 Nights of Great Sex by Laura Corn

Finally one of our old faves is back better than ever. Rip out each sealed section where a new sexual scenario will be revealed for you each to organise for one another. It's the funnest way to re-introduce intimacy, spice and joy into your sex life.

TOP TIP: Buy in conjunction with Moxie 'Wearable' App Controlled Vibrator

8. The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage by Midori

Whenever we've tied some rope around the shop mannequins we've referred to this book. Not only are the instructions ridiculously easy to follow, Dita Von Teese is on the cover! A bit like colouring in, rope tying can be seriously meditative as well as completely erotic and intimate. The best book we've found on the subject.

TOP TIP: Buy in conjunction with slinky rope and safety shears

9. Delta of Venus & Little Birds by Anais Nin

If you're going to read erotica you might as well read the classics right? Reading erotica is unlike any other genre in that it elicits a visceral response that is entirely involuntary. With this writer, you also respond intellectually and the result is an eye-opening reflection of self. Brilliant.

TOP TIP: Buy in conjunction with Lelo Siri 2 and sync it with Serge Gainsbourgh music.

10. Cunt Coloring Book by Tee Corinne 

What's better therapy than colouring in? Tee Corinne created this book in the 70's to help folks overcome shame and ignorance regarding their vulvas. Don't call the therapist just yet. Get some pretty pencils and relax.

TOP TIP: Buy in conjunction with an 'I Fucking Love You Card' by Calligriphuck and gift it to your BFF

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