Day 6 of our V-DAY Countdown!

Love comes in many forms. During the lead up to Valentine's Day, the media tends to depict a certain type of monogamous, 'in-love' love. However love is more like ice cream with a lot of different flavours, intensities and they're all pretty damn good!

Our best selling 'Calligraphuck' card for example has been purchased over the years for casual love, friend love, hook-up love, crushes, threesome love. This year, let your freaking love flag fly. 

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Come February 14th you might want to get all cosy on the couch with a loved one and a screen. Here are our top three viewing ideas for a different perspective on love.

1. Shortbus. Famous for it's very 'real' sex scenes and depictions of alternative relationships. In the director's words it's a film about love and sex 'that doesn't censor itself in any way.' The film follows the story of a sex therapist on the quest to have her first orgasm.

2. Easy. A Netflix show compiled of a few different love stories. You might even find one that mimics a time in your love life! Good if you're looking for giggles this VDay.

3. School of Life: Relationships. Youtube clips that examine love in modern society. Take it with a pinch of salt, this isn't the gospel on how the world works but it can make for a great conversation starter with a loved one. Take it in turns to choose a video and discuss afterwards whether you agree or disagree. Best accompanied with red wine and pretentious hand gestures.

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