'Tis the week leading up to Valentine's Day! 

A day reserved for love and other fuzzy feelings.

Every day leading to VDAY we will give you some alternative ways to celebrate this day, however you are romantically involved (especially if that is with yourself).


Inspired by 'Galentine's Day' from Leslie Knope, lead comedian of the sitcom Parks & Recreation. We've done a genderless flavour because frittatas are not gal-exclusive.

Leslie explains it best here :

 Some Pal-entine's Day ideas :

Organise a group breakfast on Bridge Road, the mecca for Breakfast. Our top picks for groups of 5-10 are in no particular order: Cafe Azul for their California Brunch (4 cheese toast decadence). Reunion Cafe for their Eggs Benedict (and the caramel slice is a lover-lover). Boheme for the breakfast specials and good hearty bacon 'n eggs.

Buy a mate their first vibrator! We have at least one of these joyous occasions every week in store. There is no greater gift than the gift that quite literally keeps on giving. Be the Orgasm Spirit Guide (or - Beacon of Permission) for that shy but curious friend.

Top Tip : There's 15% off the online store all February 9th 7-10pm!!

Bring a first-time-to-Passionfruit friend to our Valentine's Sale Party on Feb 10th - and get a free goody bag with over $100 worth of swag! Tickets are here.