We hope you kinky kittens enjoyed Kink Week!

BDSM can be viewed as a discipline, a practice, an erotic pursuit, a lifestyle and as some researchers are now terming it "deviant leisure". But it is up to you how you engage with it.

We believe knowledge is power in all sexual pursuits. If you wanted to improve your diet or fitness, you would seek out experts, articles and workshops to help. Sex is as significant a part of holistic health. We see no reason to treat it any differently. Please ask us for more of what you want to know about or let us know of any other resources.

To help your own learning journey here are Melbourne-based resources and practitioners.

Dom Diploma : Unleash your inner Mistress, gain the confidence and skills needed for a life of worship and fulfillment over 8 weeks.

BDSM Books : Our selection of how-to guides and erotica. We often have a wider selection in store and can order in any that are not in stock for you.

The History & Arts of the Dominatrix : This was our best selling BDSM book of 2017. Thoroughly researched, beautifully put together and story-driven. 

Gala Vanting : Gala is a Melbourne-based kink practitioner and pornography director. She has made a fabulous resources guide for beginners.

LoveHard Doco : Australian documentary interviewing 5 couples who engage in BDSM. This portrays the intimacy and normality of BDSM in people's lives.

Pulse Workshops : Pulse is a sexuality workshop space in Brunswick. Keep checking their calendar, they usually have kinky classes for different skill levels.

Fetlife : Facebook for Kinksters. This is great for finding events and talking to other kinky creatures. Add us if you hop on!

Melbourne Rope Dojo : A space to practice and learn the art of Japanese rope bondage. Date night just got an upgrade.


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