1. Melt by Wow Tech

We knew that when two of the biggest, most innovative sex toy companies, We-Vibe and Womanizer merged, something brilliant was going to happen. Canadian company We -Vibe (Standard Innovation) have been leading the industry for over a decade with their app controlled devices designed for couples, whilst German newcomer, Womanizer, have revolutionised the sex toy industry with 'air pleasure technology'.

Now called Wow Tech, their first new product is the Melt. Combining We-Vibe's famed powerful and deep vibration and app feature with Womanizer's pulsating air waves, they've created the sleekest air design yet. Smooth and elegant, it works us to a shuddering climax in record time.

2. Me2 Probe Dildo by CalEx

You may know how we have long bemoaned the lack of fresh design in the dildo (as opposed to vibrator) sector of the industry. Finally that is starting to change with higher grade silicones (Fun Factory), more interesting, slimmer and non-phallic shapes (NS Novelties) and a broader range of textures (Tantus super-soft).

The Me2 Probe by American company Cal Exotics is a brand new and exciting take on a dildo that's made to wear with a harness. The broad end cups the width and length of the vulva and the entire piece vibrates via a premium rechargeable motor. It's a completely new design that pleasures both the wearer and the receiver. Genius.

3. Essential Bullet by BMS

It's not the most rad toy the year, but these little bullets are the most affordable, body safe, rechargeable toys to enter the market. No longer do you need to pay over $80.00 for a rechargeable toy, the Essential bullet comes in at $40.00 and it's worth every cent. It includes a handy zip up rubber bag to keep it all in one place and has a fail safe rechargeable port.

BMS are one of our favourite brands, bringing you Palm Power Wand, Touch Solo and now Sassy, all contenders for Toy of the Year.

4. Fun Cups by Fun Factory

Sustainability is not something that has been previously aligned with the 'feminine hygiene' market, but now with reusable menstrual cups becoming way more mainstream, we can reduce waste, save money and benefit the health of our vaginas.

German company Fun Factory, makers of our favourite sex toys, have introduced the Fun Cup and we believe them to be the most comfortable and well designed cups to date. They come two to a pack, include an anti-microbial keep bag and come with a comprehensive instruction booklet.

Available in 2 x small, 2 x large and 1 x small/1 x large varieties.

5. Pom by Dame Products

Pom may just have eclipsed our long time favourite clitoral stimulator, the Touch 11 by We-Vibe. Why? Well it's a tad smaller, fitting into the palm of your hand snugly, is more flexible than the Touch 11 so you can really curve it around your body, and is made from a higher grade of silicone, ie. medical grade. And most importantly, the vibration is deep and powerful. And the colours are adorable.

Dame Products are a start up company run by two women, an engineer and a sexologist, whose values are based on inclusive marketing and design, as well as education and fun.

That's a wrap folks! Did you have any favourite toys this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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