1. Uberlube Travel and On for Her - $49.95

Our favourite lube, packed perfectly for the holidays, together with the best clitoral stimulator on the market, will change your sex life for ever.

Unlike water-based lubricants, silicone varieties never get sticky and are not absorbed into the body so they're hypoallergenic too. The difference is ridiculous (but you can't use it with silicone toys). On Arousal Oil is all natural, has no menthol and one drop on the clitoris really improves sensitivity.

Give it to your partner, your BFF or your mum. You'll be thanked with a secret grin forever! (We're selling it as a duo at a special price for Christmas)

Liberator -  from $180.00

A Liberator piece has the power to utterly transform your routine. Go deeper, get better access, a great view and no sore back! Don't underestimate the greatness of these bolsters and throws.

The Arts and History of the Dominatrix - $79.95

The last of the fabled 1000 copies is dwindling fast. This beautiful book has encouraged so many of our customers to delve further into the world of dominance and submission. The result is greater confidence, better sex and more fulfilling relationships. A truly gorgeous gift.

Vesper - from $150.00

There isn't a person in the world who wouldn't love to receive this award winning, rechargeable, vibrator necklace. It's genius design is irresistible.

We Vibe Pivot -$140.00

The perfect toy for everyone and the most versatile. Use it on the penis for stronger, more fun erections or around the fingers as a clitoral stimulator. When you sync it with your phone, it can be controlled by your partner from anywhere.

Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer - $299.00

The newest pelvic floor trainer on the market is also the most intriguing and the most fun. Five minute routines that are like playing a video game on your phone using your vaginal muscles rather than your fingers. Continence and orgasms will be improved in no time.

NJoy Pure Wand - $230.00

We've sold this toy for almost two decades and it has stood the test of time. When you have a perfect design there's no need to change it. Probably the best toy for squirting ever to grace the market.

Fraulein Kink Ritsy Lead - $250.00

You cannot ooh and ahh enough over the Fraulein's remarkable work. What we love about this particular piece is it's versatility. The collar can be worn on it's own as an elegant choker or separated to be used as cuffs.

Fun Factory Blackline -from $169 - $199.00

Fun Factory are simply our most favourite toy company in the world. Being green, ethical, body safe and design-focused is the core of their business, not just a marketing ploy. Their newest blackline series is also sexy as hell.

Passionfruit Gift Certificate

Some people say vouchers are impersonal. But not when it's from Passionfruit! Then it's very personal and full of Christmas joy.