1. TouchX by We-Vibe

Somehow We-Vibe just keep making this toy better and better. The latest incarnation ticks our boxes in all the right places - better charging connection, the deepest, rumbliest vibes ever, a perfectly soft yet probing tip and a shape that sits in the hand or between bodies perfectly. You'll want to masturbate every day!

POSITION TIP: Legs spread at your desk.

2. Aer by Dame Products

Dame Products have sealed our hearts (and our clits) with the most perfect version of the revolutionary air pressure toy yet. Seamless design, simple controls, beauty divine.

POSITION TIP: Partner behind (doggy) with Aer on the clit.

3. Iris by Svakom

Not much thicker than a regular bullet but long enough to use internally. Basically a bullet on a stick! Iris has an inflexible shaft but the tip is super soft and angled for the G-spot. The one button control is simple so when your brain is fuzzy from arousal you don't have to interrupt your flow. Cheap, cheerful, entry level.

POSITION TIP: Flat on your back.

4. Drift by Lora DiCarlo

From little things big things grow...into giant, thumping orgasms! It's not often that we rate a toy 5/5 for power but here it is. The Drift could well have been called The Gale yet it's deceptively petite and pretty. Both the warming function and the hard nub on the tip allow for sensual yet grinding pleasure and the silicone is softer than we've ever experienced.

POSITION TIP: Standing with one leg on the bath. Warmed and pressing hard on the G-spot.

5. Limba Flex S & M by Fun Factory

Fun Factory are probably our fave toy company of all time and finally they've made A SMALL DILDO!!! Not just any small dildo either. It's bendable so you can use it for EVERYTHING. Vaginal, anal, in a harness, as a packer or suctioned to the wall. And the colour is to die for.

POSITION TIP: In your harness positioned over your lover, grinning madly.

6. Dual Vibrating Arch by Plus One

It's a no-brainer! Take the iconic Pure Wand and turn it into a vibrator! Der!! Just like the superbly curved stainless steel version, the Arch is epic for G-Spot and P-Spot reach.

POSITION TIP: On your back with the Arch curved toward your G-Spot, the Aer on your clit and your lover sucking your nipples and looking you deeply in the eyes. OR angled toward the P-Spot whilst getting a head job.

7. Geo by Tenga

There's some really fugly sex toys on the market but you didn't need us to tell you that did you? Tenga on the other hand, make penis masturbators look SEXY! How? By having that Japanese aesthetic combined with the most high tech designs on the market - absolutely peerless. Masturbation transformation!

POSITION TIP: In the shower - makes clean up a breeze!

8. Nõs C-ring by Fun Factory

Fun Factory's first cock ring!! What makes it brilliant is that the arms have separate motors and they're long enough to hug the clit during penetration. The ring itself is wavy on the inside so it feels super snug on the penis.

POSITION TIP: Classic missionary.

9. Cocktail by Rocks Off

Eyes widened and bums wiggled when this little beauty crossed our desk. It's a vibrating butt plug with a long arm that extends into the vagina leaving enough room for a penis party in there! Double penetration lovers celebrate!

POSITION TIP: Bent over the Liberator Wedge.

10. Snug Plug 1 Vibrating by B-Vibe

Our favorite butt plug just got better. Now it vibrates!! Just imagine that slinky soft, weighty plug in your butt vibrating low and deep and picking up pace as you do. Mind. Blown. 

POSITION TIP: Standing up getting some oral.

11. Ohnut Wide by OhnutCo

When that cock is just too big for your poor, tired or painful pussy, the larger size Ohnuts come to the rescue. Stack them so that penetration is at exactly the depth you desire, finally making sex super comfy for both parties.

POSITION TIP: Slowly, gently, with love.

12. Ziggy Cup by Intimina

It's a silicone disc that covers the cervix so you can have sex on your period. Not exactly a sex toy but so ingenious and possibly life changing that we had to include it. If you're a sex worker you might save thousands of dollars a year!

POSITION TIP: Any banging way babe.