When revealing the anal play section (the arse-enal) of the store to our customers, it’s often met with happy ‘in the know’ eyes and curiosity - or the opposite - incredulity and raised eyebrows. The latter are often flummoxed by others’ interest in anal sex.

"BUTT WHY?" they ask.

Although anal play may seem unfathomable to some, the truth is, the ‘rosebud’ is a part of the body that is rich in nerve endings and capable of intense pleasure.

The most common barrier to anal pleasure is shame (our next blog will talk more about this).

From a scientific perspective, nerve endings = stimulation and the ‘rosebud’, anal cavity and prostate are absolutely tonguing for it (yes we'll be talking about 'rimming too).

When in the frame of mind where any type of pleasure is greeted with wonder and acceptance, anal play/sex can be supremely arousing.

For those individuals lucky enough to have a prostate, stimulation of this richly endowed gland can produce more intense pleasure than intercourse.

And prostate stimulation is good for you!

Even without a prostate, anal stimulation has many benefits. A toy, finger or penis (hey even a fist if you're up for it) can create a profound feeling of fullness and amplitude, that is equal to or more than, the feeling of fullness within the vagina. Pressure between the wall of the vagina and anal cavity can create intense and enhanced sensation.

Whether you identify as male or female, whether or not you have a prostate, the ‘rosebud’ and rectum are capable of intense sensation.

Anal pleasure may not be everyone's cup of tea, but an open and relaxed mind will lead to an open body. We love these anal tips from porn stars. Worth watching for the amazing array of accents alone.