Best Butt Toys and how to use them

Putting a toy in your butt can feel absolutely glorious, especially whilst having sex, or it can just make you feel like pooping - depending on how good it is and how you’re using it.

The butt area is full of nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated. Men have the added benefit of a prostate gland about 2” inside their butts and stimulating it can be incredibly arousing (and good for health). The G-Spot can also be indirectly stimulated through the anal passage.

There are several ways to use butt toys and a huge variety to choose from. Arm yourself with butt know-how and you will add a whole new dimension to your lovemaking/masturbation.


These toys are available in all different sizes, shapes and materials. They stay put and feel best if you don't move them around too much (unless you actually like it that way or it is beaded). A plug with a small neck is a great choice because it will fit snugly and stay in place (rather than shooting across the room when you climax).

Used during vaginal sex, butt plugs can make everything feel tighter and more intense and often the partner can feel it through the vaginal wall. They can also guide the penis further toward the G-spot or cervix.

Start with a small, flexible silicone plug like the Flirt or the Bootie - they’re both wonderful beginners toys and can be used during foreplay and sex. Try a training kit with graduated sizes to train your butt to accommodate larger sizes.

Bigger, more rigid plugs like the NJoy or the Rosebud are often used before sex to warm up and stretch the butt and many folk love to wear them to work or out and about to feel aroused and aware of their body. The heaviness of the plugs allow you to maintain awareness of their presence inside your body and therefore feel more aroused for longer. A penis will feel it more acutely through the vaginal wall.

A plug like the new Fun Factory B Ball has a little weight inside and when it bounces around inside you, can really take sex or a spanking to the next level.


All those nerve endings around the anus respond very well to vibration but not everyone likes the sensation. Experiment with vibration around the outside of the butt first and consider turning it off before you insert it and then on again when it's inside you. We find the remote control butt toys like the Nexus Ace to be very good as they allow for a smaller neck (which helps it stay in place) and you don’t need to fiddle around at the base of the toy to vary the speed. Battery plugs like the B-Bomb are also very good and the bullets can be replaced with stronger, rechargeable ones like the Tango if you prefer. Usually the necks of battery plugs are wider to accommodate the bullet and may not stay in place as well, especially during orgasm. Many of us however, enjoy the full sensation of a wider neck.


Some plugs are shaped to reach and stimulate the prostate. They are more curved like the PFun Plug and can be manipulated to massage the area and perhaps even ‘milk’ the prostate - a practice where the prostate is massaged enough for it to release fluid (for either health or pleasure or both). Prostate massagers like the Naughty Boy are designed to reach and vibrate on both the prostate and perineum. They feel great when left in place or else you can move the hips around or tug gently on the toy for best results. Any gender can enjoy these toys. When curved toward the belly they can also stimulate the G-spot.


Anal beads provide friction and sensation. They are usually tapered so that you can feed them in at your comfort and leisure. When pulled slowly out (especially during orgasm) the effect of the sphincter muscle opening and contracting around the beads can be exquisite. Always ensure that you don’t buy beads with a string in between. Make sure it is fully molded into one piece like the Bendy Beads to ensure no bacterias are trapped. Beaded plugs like the Ripple can also be slowly moved in and out for stimulation of the nerves and muscles and the Fun Factory Bouncer is as fun as it sounds if you love size AND texture AND weight.


Dildos like the Amor are perfect for when you want to thrust with the toy and feel the sensation of being penetrated. Unlike plugs, they can slide in and out and are great for helping you understand what anal sex or double penetration would feel like. Again, make sure they have a flanged base so they don’t get pulled up into the body. Curved dildos like the Tantus Acute can be used to help reach the prostate (when pointed toward the navel) and textured dildos like the Fun Factory Tiger  will provide more friction/stimulation. All of these toys can be used with a harness for vaginal or anal sex. Relaxing and stretching the anal muscles with ridged toys has great health benefits and can be very exciting when done with care. Bigger toys like the Boss Stub can be used for both vaginal and/or anal play. Pulsators like the Bi Stronic Fusion will give thrust as well as vibration for more advanced anal players.


** Butt plugs MUST have a flanged base so they don’t get lost in the body and they MUST be of a non-porous material like silicone, glass or steel. (There are many on the market that are not silicone and these harbour bacteria).

** You can also watch our video on butt stuff here.

** ALWAYS use loads of lube during butt play as there is NO NATURAL LUBRICATION HERE. Water based like Sliquid Sassy is amazing to use with silicone toys and silicone based like Uberlube is next level for anal sex and use with steel and glass toys.

** Always keep your toys clean and sterilised with our favourite anti-bacterial washes or sprays.

** Never use lubricants containing anaesthetic. You need to feel what’s going on in order to stay safe and avoid tears and fissures. Anal sex should NEVER be painful.

** Lubes containing soothing ingredients like jojoba, such as Pjur Back Door  or Happy Hiney can help relax the muscles.

** The sphincter is one of the strongest muscles in the body. If you’re not relaxed, nothing will get in there unless it’s forced. Push out a little, like you’re going to the toilet, as this opens the muscle and says ‘I’m ready’.

** Never move from anal play to mouth or vagina. Make sure you have washed yourself or your toys first.