App controlled JIVE by We-Vibe


Just say you're invited to a picnic in the park. Pop the Jive in, settle in for a pre-mixed cocktail and send your lover a CONNECT invite. No! Those aren't ants in your pants, they're orgasmic thrills assailing your body! Best picnic ever.

Or, just say you have a strap on harness and dildo but want some more action for yourself? Before strapping in, pop in the Jive and saddle up. Brilliant upgrade!

A NOTE ABOUT THE WE-VIBE APP - ie. it's actually great.

If you've never used an app controlled vibe before, you're probably thinking that now might be a good time to start, 'coz what else are you gonna do in a pandemic right? I'm here to tell you that the We-Vibe app is extraordinarily good and I've tried plenty of others.

If you're bored at home by yourself, if you're holed up with your partner and looking for something new to entertain each other or if you want to hook up with other lovers from around the globe, the we-vibe app is your devious enabler.


Once you download the app from the app store, it's simple and intuitive from the get-go, even for a tech dummy like me.

It looks beautiful too! There's a rainbow of colours that match each vibration mode so you can ask for the green one first and the yellow one last for example. Amazing! AND you or your partner can create vibration playlists and draw vibration patterns with a finger.



So you video call your Chosen One, turn up the dial on the sexy talk and then select the CONNECT LOVER option from the menu. Chosen One will receive the invite and sync their phone with yours. Interactions can happen via text, video, and audio chat, which are all easy to select. They can then hit the TAKE CONTROL button and if you say yes, they can control your vibe.

Don't worry about you not enjoying where this is going...consent is deeply embedded within the app so you can't take screenshots, and if at any time you want to reclaim control and run the show, just tap "take control" and you're back in the driver's seat. Oh the tease!

Remote controlled HUGO by Lelo

Ooff. If this ain't the strongest prostate massager on the market today then we're packing up and putting up the closed sign. What's great about the remote control itself is that it can vibrate to mirror the toy. So your partner in control isn't just blindly pressing the up or down button in ecstatic confusion. And if it's just yourself using the toy, there's no need to reach behind to crank it up. Bless!

App controlled Moxie by We-Vibe

Just when you though innovation was dead and buried, along comes Moxie. Just like Jive, you can use it alone or with a friend but this little rocket sits snug up against your clit, not inside the vagina. And the next best bit? The vibrator stays in place via a magnet that sits on the outside of your underwear. Who thought of that???? Gold medal right there.

Remote controlled Rimming Plug by B-Vibe

So many vibrating butt toys don't actually take into account the fact that the external area is super rich in nerve endings and instead focus all the attention on the inside. These rimming toys (petite or large) focus the attention externally via rotating, vibrating beads that stimulate the anus, similar in feel to a tongue (analingus). With the remote, you can literally put the control into your own hands and experiment 'til your heart (and your butt) is content.

App controlled Chorus by We-Vibe

Made for penis/dildo in vagina sex, the Chorus can still be used in multiple ways and is super versatile. Use it during sex with the slender end inside the vagina and the bulbous end against the clit. Or use it on your own when you're cleaning the house or out on a date. I love the fact that vibrations can be tailor made both internally and externally. The perfect toy for two.

App controlled Melt by We-Vibe

Every time this one gets me off. Every time. And with record speed. In fact it hardly needs to touch my bits. Just the thought of it is orgasmic. Hell why not even try Melt at the front and Rimming Plug at the back? Did someone say lockdown?