1. Preparation

A clean body is essential. Make sure you don't have to visit the toilet any time soon (straight after your morning coffee probably isn't ideal). Don't worry too much about poo being there - it's not stored in that part of the body but occasionally there will be small traces left so never penetrate the butt and then the vagina or mouth or bacteria can spread. Use a condom in between or save the butt 'til last. Short, clean nails are also essential. Use a nail file. Enemas can be used if you really feel it's necessary but beware of overusing them. You don't want to wash all the good bacteria away.

2. Awareness

Anal sex is an experience that requires full body awareness and that can be the best part about it. You're fully in the moment. Avoid being alcohol or drug affected to ensure that you're fully cognizant. Without lubricant and body awareness, anal sex can tear the delicate tissue. Anal sex shouldn't ever hurt so stop what you're doing if you're not comfortable. ALWAYS use lube. We recommend the following. Silicone based (if you're not using silicone toys) - Pjur, Überlube and Ease. Water based (for when you're using silicone toys) - Sliquid Sassy and Soothe.

3. Arousal

We like to think of anal sex as last base. You have to really want it in order to enjoy it fully. Total mind and body arousal is the best foreplay, even a pre-orgasm or two. Small circular movements around the anal opening is great foreplay or try using a butt plug to ready the butt for penetration. Never put anything in your butt without lubricant and always ensure it has a proper base, otherwise it's bye bye toy and hello hospital. If you're new to butt plugs, we recommend the Tantus Little Flirt or the Fun Factory Bootie.

4. Breath

Yes the sphincter is one of the strongest muscles in the body and unless you consciously relax it, it ain't gonna happen. In order to relax, you need to push out like you're going to the toilet. It feels a bit counter-intuitive but without doing that, you can end up with tissue damage and painful sex. So just breathe, relax and push.

5. Synchronicity

It's essential that you're always on the same page as your partner. Ensure that the pace is exactly how you want it and keep checking in that everything is feeling OK. Add some clitoral or penis stimulation to take your experience to the next level.

If you'd like more butt sex education, join our Anal Play for Singles and Couples Workshop on July 9th 2018 or check our Sex Ed section.

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