We've chosen the top five air pressure toys to make your clitoris sing its way to the moon - hang there for a while - and then float back down to earth on a fluffy, moist cloud. Air pressure toys don't use vibration and therein lies the revolution. They rely on air being pulsed over the clitoris to the exclusion of all else. The result is...

If you haven't yet succumbed to the revolution, it's never too late! A good air pressure toy is an absolute MUST in our humble opinion. These are just some of the reasons why we love them:

  • They have an astonishing way of bringing you to climax in record time
  • They can provide you with an extended orgasm that's completely mind and body-shaking
  • They're great to use during vaginal and/or anal penetration for next level, explosive pleasure
  • They work even better in the bath/shower/spa
  • They can shock your body out of climaxing in one particular way
  • They barely touch the body so they're great if you experience pain or sensitivity
  • They don't vibrate - it's just air pulsing directly over the clitoris
  • If you're a vibrator power queen, air pressure is entirely different and yet super effective. Believe it!

1. Womanizer Premium  $299-

If you want a premium experience and don't mind skimping on price, the Womanizer is your Ferrari friend. Encased in pure silicone, it's the longest shape of them all and fits firmly and comfortably in your hand. The suction part is removable for easy cleaning and can be easily replaced. It has a SMART SILENCE function which is fab because these toys are pretty loud. When you remove the toy from your body, it stops and then starts again when you return it to the body. Great for when you are using the toy intermittently during long lovemaking sessions. It also has an AUTOPILOT if you're too lazy to change the functions or just love a bit of serendipity. 12 speeds

2. Dame Aer $169.00

"Like getting oral from a cloud" is one description. Choose Aer if you haven't tried an air pressure toy before because it really does have the softest touch of all the different models. Aer moves from the lightest touch to the strongest force in just a few clicks and has the most beautiful, ergonomic form. 5 speeds. 5 patterns

3. WOW Melt  $189-

The Melt is the most flat, slender and ergonomic of all the suction toys, making it a winner for those who love to use it during lovemaking rather than solo. It's also app-contolled so once again, perfect for couples who want to enjoy it together or control their partner's arousal from afar. Melt allows you to create your own pleasure patterns and has 12 speeds.


4. Lelo Sila  $249-

The Sila is shaped like a wheel with pursed lips. It's actually really cute! We really love the Sila because the suction part is quite large and super easy to seal over the clitoris. The Lelo brand is absolutely premium - you'll never have an issue with this toy! And the best thing???? It's almost silent! 8 speeds.

5. Lelo Enigma $269-

Well. If you want to experience all the things this is it. Quite simply, the vibrating internal shaft together with the external air pressure stimulator is bone shatteringly intense. Featuring a unique combination of sonic waves and gentle pulses, this is the toy you reach for when you are the greediest bitch in town. 10/10


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