I’ve been hearing more and more about squirting and I’m curious. Can everyone with a vulva squirt? How do I attempt this solo and/or with a partner? Are there any techniques or toys that can help? Carole

If there’s one thing we don’t know much about, it’s squirting.
What we do know is that all porn stars squirt! Which is of course complete rubbish. We should never hold ourselves up to those lofty standards.
Scientists are still debating whether or not squirting is real, how many vulva owners can do it and what the fluid is made of.

Basically, it's completely normal to squirt and completely normal not to. While scientists are still debating the specifics, we know that gushing or squirting where up to a cup of fluid is released from the urethra is probably not that common. But expelling a small amount of milky fluid from the urethra during orgasm probably is.

TOP TIP: If you do squirt all over the place, the Liberator Throw is a MUST for soaking up all your juicy juice.

The squirt or ejaculate is a tasteless, odorless liquid thought to be prostatic fluid released from the Skene gland, which is like the prostate. Remember, human body parts are all the same, they’re just located in different places, so if a penis owner can secrete ejaculate from the prostate, so can vulva owners!

It's important to know that sex is all about pleasure and fun. It's not a performance or an achievement. If you can great! If you can't, so what?


Watch this video from Passionfruit educator Euphemia to see how you can achieve G-spot stimulation and perhaps squirt as a result.

(Please note that the green Sense Vibe is no longer available)

P.P.S. Add a clitoral stimulator like the TangoX or TouchX for best results.

Until next week, 

Michelle xxx

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