Do you believe in ghosts? What about Death Grip Syndrome?

This non-medical condition keeps penis owners up at night – and stops them from reaching orgasm during penetrative sex – haunting guys, girls, gays and ghouls alike. Spooky puns aside, this syndrome really sucks because it's relatively common and gives bedfellows a complex, and penis-owners a rough time climaxing. 

What is Death Grip Syndrome?

If you’re wanking your penis in a death grip pretty regularly (having a grand ole time), you may find it more difficult to respond to more subtle sensations - say, like penetrative sex. Plenty of penis-owners have anecdotally confirmed that this aggro masturbation-style has caused them desensitisation over time; and disappointment when it comes to partnered sex. 

Prominent podcaster, author and LGBT community activist, Dan Savage, used the term Death Grip Syndrome in an episode of Savage Love during the early ‘00s to describe this frustrating condition. While it isn’t medically diagnosed or even clinical, it’s backed up by some scientific research and a whole bunch of first hand experiences. (For example, this study examines the effects of continual pressure of cycling on penile numbness and ED. Yet another reason why you won’t find this writer cycling anywhere, anytime soon.)

What are the symptoms of Death Grip Syndrome?

If cumming during your solo sessions is a breeze, but getting off with a partner is difficult, then you may be in DGS territory. The most common symptom of Death Grip Syndrome is struggling to orgasm or ejaculate to or with a softer source of stimulation; like a moist mouth, vagina or bussy (an affectionate term for the ass). 

The symptoms you can’t see? Intimacy and relationship issues. Yikes.

Note: There are a whole bunch of other reasons why people with penises aren’t cumming, won’t cum or can’t cum (antidepressants are a whole thing). But we’ll save that chat for another time. We always recommend checking-in with your healthcare provider.



How do I get rid of Death Drip Syndrome?

Heaps of ways! The good news is there are a bunch of techniques to help you train your penis (like a good aroused athlete) and recondition your body and your mind. 

Don’t be so hard on yourself.
Easy tiger. Experiment with softer sensations like a looser grip or a more sporadic stroke. Maybe bring lube into the mix and only touch your penis to strike up an erection. Edging could bring you a whole new level of pleasure. How exciting.

Softly, softly.
Experiment with softer sensations like a looser grip or a more sporadic stroke. Maybe bring lube into the mix and only touch your penis to strike up an erection. Or introduce arousing accoutrements into your life. Feathers, floggers, fur paddles, silk ties, satin or latex gloves are all glorious options.

Sensory deprivation
Stop it. No seriously. Quit it. But, only for a little while. Set yourself a challenge and don’t masturbate for a week. Don’t watch porn. Don’t play with yourself. (Boo!) Unless of course, you’re playing with others. (YES!) Better yet. Focus on their pleasure. Maybe even experiment with rope bondage

Toys for pampered penises
Here are some products designed to restore playtime and meet your myriad desires. Some of them are even designed by world champ wankers*.

  • Reusable Air-Tech Tenga Cup: various sizes
  • Firm or squishy, this silicone sleeve is perfect for playing with yourself when adapting to softer textures. And it’s reusable for pleasure on repeat.

  • Pulse Solo Essential
  • Titillating and oscillating, the Pulse can be enjoyed as a toy that can stimulate an erection or for those who are unable to achieve erection at all. It fits all penises and can be used hands free.

  • Vector Prostate Stimulator by We-Vibe - App Controlled
  • This prostate massager comes with two motors which work together to stimulate the prostate and perineum, using rumbling vibrations and gentle pressure. Breathtaking. 

  • Hedy X Mixed Texture 5 Pack - Svakom
  • Consider yourself a bit of a hedonist? Experiment with five unique textures in this series of masturbation sleeves. Stretchy, ultra-soft and compact, they’re perfect for playtime on vacay.

    *No, really. Masanobu Sato, a director on the board of Japanese toy brand Tenga, was named a bonafide Masturbate-A-Thon champion in 2009, after rubbing-out a world record for the longest time spent masturbating. Nine hours and fifty-eight minutes, for those playing at home. 

    Wait, what if it’s not DGS?

    We are not doctors, but consider ourselves more provocateurs. Please, always see a healthcare provider or check-in with your GP if you’re experiencing anything out of the ordinary when it comes to erections, arousal, and ejaculation. It could be medication, mental-health related, or something else entirely. Your health is paramount. Please take care of yourself and that penis of yours. 

    See how far you get, and how it affects your arousal and sensitivity levels with softer sensations. And call us in the morning.