Between our personal and professional obligations (read: chasing some elusive, perhaps non-existent, work-life balance), it’s easy to get caught up in false narratives about our bodies, desires and pleasure itself. To help us reconnect with our bodies, and remind us of our innate ability to experience and explore our pleasure potential, we spoke with Jade Levinson (she/her) about her upcoming workshops.

Passionfruit: Jade, we’re so excited for you to share your knowledge with us during your workshop series on Desire Mapping and Erotic Ecology. Can you share some of the main reasons why your students seek out this kind of support during their sensual journeys?

Jade Levinson: Students come to me when they’ve tried everything else; conventional doctors, cognitive behaviour therapy, etc. and want to try a unique embodied approach. I work with clients to boost confidence in their body image, enhance their communication skills, explore their sexual identity, kinks, relationship configurations, etc. I also help them navigate perceived sexual dysfunction, and support trauma healing.

P: At Passionfruit, we see a lot of people seeking more expansive ways to address their concerns around sex and sexual identity, communication and confidence. In your experience, what are some of the main barriers that your clients face in accessing this kind of support?

JL: Such a small population of the world is aware of the type of work I, and so many other incredible practitioners, offer. This, in conjunction with cultural and religious stigmas associated with asking for help, especially around sexuality, make it a major leap for most folks to reach out and step into my office.

P: Ahh, yes, stigma strikes again. While we’re seeing some positive changes in the way that sexuality is discussed in public spaces, we feel that there are still some rigid mindsets around desire, libido and pleasure that need dismantling. How do you feel that our society informs our understanding of desire, and what advice do you have for people navigating shifts in desire?

JL: Society places extremely unfair expectations on us to be ‘normal’ - whatever that means - which leaves little room for us to be in our unique expression. What I’ve noticed is that so many people don’t feel resourced enough to explore their desires to understand them personally and, in addition to that, they often don’t feel safe, confident, or equipped enough to share those desires with their partner(s). 

My invitation for people who are navigating shifts in their desires is to take it slow, to get curious - as if your body was your laboratory. Listen, track, acknowledge, and remember that each one of us is inherently different and exceptional just by being.

P: One of your workshops, Erotic Ecology, involves exploring and expanding our physical connection with nature through movement. When so many of us are confined to desks, day jobs and urban environments, how can we create space to reconnect with nature; and our inner-nature?

JL: We ourselves are nature - erotic ecology is all about opening ourselves up to being impacted by our surroundings. Whether that involves taking a walk around the city and feeling the density of the ground beneath our feet with every step, noticing every smell around us, tracking the nearest and furthest sounds, tasting the air, slowly stroking our fingertips on a tree to acknowledge its texture – there are endless possibilities. Once we interact with the space around us erotic ecology invites us to slow down and see how we are affected by sensing. Sensing is the most natural thing we can do as human animals, it brings us into presence, and it allows us to connect with our own erotic body.

Imagine what pleasures await when we can fully identify our authentic and intimate desires. And picture how these discoveries might transform our connections with lovers and others. The anticipation alone has us racing to enrol in both the Desire Mapping workshop and Erotic Ecology chaser.

Ready to further your pleasure practice?

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Check out Jade’s recommended reads:

  • Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex For The 21st Century by Barbara Carrellas
  • The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin and Robyn Dalzen
  • Jewel in the Lotus: The Tantric Path to Higher Consciousness : A Complete and Systematic Course in Tantric Kriya Yoga by Bodhi Avinasha and Sunyata Saraswati

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