Growing a Mo is fun but finding intense pleasure through prostate orgasm is much more beneficial. That’s why we’re encouraging men to have a P-Spot orgasm this Movember.

Massaging the prostate is thought to reduce prostatitis that leads to prostate cancer - the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men. But best of all, it can bestow him with the best, most explosive orgasm of his life.

Not only that, an orgasm from the prostate will make him a better lover. He will feel generous, more thoughtful to his lover’s needs and way more relaxed.

It will open up vulnerable communication and introduce humour, both key ingredients to long-term sexual satisfaction, overall health and well-being.

Every day we talk to men who have had prostate surgery and who are re-navigating their sexual lives. Not being able to have a full erection severely impacts a man’s confidence, his ability to maintain strong intimate relationships and his mental health.*

Growing a Mo is fine, but why not discover all the benefits of prostate play, raise money for Movember and decrease his risk of depression, anxiety and cancer all in one month?

Our Prostate Pleasure Kit comes with a Fun Factory Duke Vibrator, Sliquid Sassy, Organic Toy Cleaner, a hypo-allergenic black, nitrile glove and some sexy instructions.

Great Sex = Better Health

All profits from the PPKit will be donated to Movember

*Brody, Stuart. (2010) "The relative health benefits of different sexual activities." The journal of sexual medicine 1336-1361.