Two pleasure experts share advice for first time solo vaginal adventurers.

1. Create a space and mindset : Allison Moon. (@HeyAllieMoon)

Allison Moon, writer of graphic sex ed guide "Girl Sex 101" (four copies coming soon to Passionfruit... sign up to the newsletter to snag one first!) advises :

"Make sure you’re aroused, create a comfy, sexy space, and use your fingers to just explore and enjoy."

We love this emphasis on preparing a sexy space, just for yourself. Caring for your own pleasure is crucial, especially if you find your focus is often on your partner's pleasure. You gotta love yourself first to then give love.

Nailing your version of sex-lighting is step one in space prepping. Luckily we live in the future. Bluetooth operated lightbulbs mean you can tailor lighting to suit you in any current lighting situation. Or you could try a massage oil candle if you like soft lighting, this also provides a gorgeous scent and warm massage oil to give your hands, thighs, feet, any areas holding tension a quick massage before you get busy with yourself.

2. Invest in these two pieces of equipment, and don't panic! Smut Buttons (see more on Facebook)

Smut Buttons is a smart, sassy Melbourne based sex blogger. She also wrote her own fantastic gif-tastic G-Spot explanation post. This was the advice she gave us for solo explorers.

Invest in two things.

1. A really good clitoral vibrator, which will help to "fluff up" their gspot internally (as well as making the experience pleasurable rather than stressful).

2. A dildo with a definitive curve to it. Trying to find your gspot with a phallic/straight toy is going to be like panning for gold with a fishing rod.

And my advice would be, don't panic if you can't find it straight away. Just enjoy the experience of exploring and getting to know your body. Don't put pressure on yourself, it's meant to be fun

Like any good explorer knows, equipment helps get you places fast. Our top clitoral vibrators for G-Spot 'fluffing up' are the Form 2 for dual motor clit love and The Lady Bonnd wand for more power in your tower. Then for curved dildos, as always, The Pure Wand for the connoisseurs.

The illustration is by Chiara Ghigliazza - made for a project about sex education for adults.


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