The main thing to know is the 'G-Spot' does "exist" ...

... in the sense that internal stimulation on the front wall of the vagina (facing the belly) can lead to a lot of pleasure and sometimes orgasms.

However, plot twist, this is due to a few orgasmic pathways at play rather than one "spot".

It includes our old friend the clitoris funnily enough! The clitoris extends far into the body, and the tissue currently termed 'G-spot', is an area usually 2-3 inches into the vagina that feels like the top of the mouth palate.

That being said - we all experience physiological pleasure differently since all of our bits and pieces are positioned quite uniquely.

Therefore your personal internal pleasure playground may or may not be exactly "THE BIG G" rather "an area of assimilating pleasures".

There's a lot of articles and books out there dealing specifically with Internal Delights.

Therefore rather than repeat knowledge, we have sourced G-Spot hunters out in the wild for their personal experiences. Those that have their cake, and eat it too.

Stay tuned this week for the tales...


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