You’ve been counting down the days until your long awaited vacay. And beyond the buffet breaky, rest and relaxation (maybe a little retail therapy), you’re really looking forward to getting down while you’re getting away. After all, between the change of scenery, laidback lifestyle and carefree outlook, who can blame you?

Before we dive into our tips and tricks to help you pack and prepare for your summer lovin’, we would like to give you permission to explore your pleasure at your discretion. Whether you’re going solo, with a partner, or looking to hook up on holiday, we’re here to inspire some saucy scenarios to remember.



You already know that preparation for a trip often involves checking out travel guides, blogs and reviews of places you’d like to explore. We’re not here to teach you how to suck an egg. However, on the hook-up front, you might want to consider downloading your preferred dating apps ahead of your trip. Some folks have suggested that this pre-trains the algorithm to adapt to your new location faster, calibrating more accurate matches, sooner. (Because jet-lag shouldn’t affect your hook ups!)

No matter the app, platform or location, always practise a little due diligence. Make sure to do your own research about where you are going and let someone else know where you’ll be. Apps like bSafe or CloseCircle (on Google Play or the Apple App Store) can help friends and family stay in contact with you while you’re away. Apps like Sitata Travel Safe can also give you information about where local hospitals and clinics are located. If you are travelling with a partner, you may want to explore sex-culture hotspots or bring along books or movies that you can explore in the privacy of your own room.


Quiet, unassuming and light, lube is the perfect companion to any adventure. Water-based lube is compatible with all kinds of toys and pH-friendly for most vulva-owners. Additionally, you can pack silicone-based lube if you plan on playing in the water, wanna introduce some butt stuff into your trip, or are engaging in penis play. Lube is a pro tip for travellers as it can also be used to help with chafing – and quickies in between busy itineraries! 


If you're travelling solo, there's no longer any reason to be embarrassed about bringing your favourite toy along. Many toys feature travel modes to prevent accidental vibration. There are even discreet toys that can hide in plain sight! Often when people travel they are willing to be a bit more experimental, so it could be a good time to try something new or risqué. 


Safer sex means different things to different people. Make sure that you carry along the essential items you need to protect yourself from STIs and unwanted pregnancy. This can include everything from condoms and dental dams to birth control or PrEP. Have a chat with your doctor to explore your options. 

Remember you are only limited by your imagination! We wish you safe and pleasure-filled travels!