We asked a long time Passionfruit customer who has been with his female partner for over 20 years to share his personal experience on G-Spot hunting.

So, where is the G-Spot?
Not sure if it’s the same in every woman but my partner's is pretty much behind her clitoris perhaps slightly further north on the anterior wall of the vagina. It can vary slightly depending on her position. The classic “come hither” motion with finger/s thumb in this region will generally find it.
What do you do with it when you think you've found it?
I find firm pressure using the come hither motion is best initially and then varying this with horizontal, vertical and diagonal strokes. Seems to be best to move away from this and continue other stimulation then return. I think too much constant pressure for an extended time can de-sensitise a little unless she's pretty close to climax. Best not to leave unattended for too long though if g-spot stimulation is the aim. Great to combine with stimulation of other sensitive body parts i.e. nipples, clitoris etc.
Sometimes rapid thrusting of the fingers in and out the pussy with pressure once again largely on the anterior wall is great as well and combined with downward palm pressure on the mons pubis just above the clit is a good method for producing “squirting”. Important to be particularly careful if using the rapid fire thrusting of digits not to enter at an angle which may cause pain/discomfort/injury. Probably best employed by a partner who knows the “ins and outs” of her pussy well.
What tips can you give other lovers in how to find and arouse the G-Spot? 
Best not to go straight in and try find it (unless she’s been ’trained' to respond to it’s stimulation almost immediately). Plenty of stimulation and lube if not naturally pretty wet. Persist and don’t give up. It is elusive and can tend to move around a little.
Don’t be surprised if what works one time doesn’t the next.
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