- via Kim Kardashian

1. Focus on what’s right in front of you - not inside you

    Keep your full attention on your lover. Every time you look inward and self criticise, use it as a trigger to focus on what’s right in front of you. Listen to the sounds around you, feel your lover’s skin and focus on how they feel. Use this to connect with the present. Mindfulness is a practice.

    (You can tell when a person is thinking about themselves and not you)

    2. Worship your lover’s body and forget yourself

      What changes the game from ‘regular’ sex to ‘batshit crazy sensational sex’ is how you feel about your lover’s cock/pussy. When you fall deeply, obsessively in love with it, everything changes.

      (No gifs for KK loving something else).


      3. Master The Reflect Exercise

      I have used this exercise throughout life and it has gotten me through many dangerous/vulnerable situations. It can be used just as well when someone is in your face and being obnoxious as when you are feeling vulnerable in the sack with no body confidence. It’s a simple trick of recognising when you are feeling emotionally negative and then consciously projecting outward. With every out breath, push your energy outwards and with every in breath, breathe in calm and light.  

      (KK is great at projection)

      4. Illusion

      You really can put a glamour over your lover so that they only see the god/goddess in you. Part of it is dressing in your most sensual, body rocking style. Candlelight, naturally, helps too. Eye contact is essential. Have an image in your mind of how youwant to be perceived and make it as real as you possibly can. Reality is perception. This is not about hiding who you are, it’s about believing in the way thought shapes reality. BE that thought. See yourself through your lover’s eyes. Practice it during lovemaking and you will discover the kind of  body confidence that makes you the most unstoppable lover ever.

      (I am actually the devil)