Be they stiff, buzzy, slippery or sucky – there are a myriad of ways to get the most pleasure out of your toys. So if you’re tired of simply switching them on and going through the motions, settle in for a range of techniques to try during your next session.

Changing it up technique-wise isn’t just effective at mapping new pleasure pathways in your mind, it can be a helpful way to deepen connections with your partner(s) and – more importantly – yourself. Who knows, you might surprise yourself and unlock a new sensation or deeper ones. Let’s dive in!

Adjust the temperature

Step away from the split system. This tip is all about gently warming or cooling your toys for extra stimulation. Whether this means chilling your steel or glass dildo before insertion, or gently warming your butt plug in your hands before use, temperature can heighten sensation or provide a lovely sensorial surprise to your private parts. A word of caution to prevent injury, always avoid extreme temperatures. We’ve been burnt before - literally and figuratively.

Sex toy cooled by ice
Ice is a great way to cool down your sex toys for some extra chills.


Get your grind on

Rub, gyrate, and if you must, thrust! Activate your pelvic muscles and intensify your pleasure by moving your body against the toy. Whether it is active or not, this movement provides additional sensation and can be particularly delightful on the mons pubis (that fleshy part above your genitals below your belly button).

Approach it at a new angle

From pleasure zone to pleasure zone, experiment with insertion and application to see what feels best in, on and around your body. Vulva-owners in particular often find that their sweet spots are mobile. So try rolling, curving, running, stroking, and circling different angles to discover ALL the ways to help you feel good. You won’t need a protractor for this one. Simply feel your way around. For prostate pleasure, check out this helpful blog.

Apply some pressure

One, two, three-times the pleasure? Don’t mind if I do! Play with pressure by experimenting with a combination of penetrative and non-penetrative toys inside and outside of your body. For example, you could use a vibrator internally and your hand externally or a butt plug internally and a vibrator externally. Or a dual vulval and anal situation. The world really is your oyster. Pressure also works when using toys that are wider which stimulate all the sweet spots simultaneously. Heaven.

Build a barrier

Sensory deprivation is a massive turn on. Adding layers in between you and your toy can dampen the intensity for tantalisingly prolonged sessions. Experiment with layers of clothing, pillows or a blanket. You could even create a barrier with your own fingers or other body parts to generate additional sensations in unexpected ways.

Just add lube

If you haven’t experimented with lubricant before, it’s never too late to start! See what lubricant is compatible for your toy(s), then drizzle away for sensationally slippery sessions. Not sure which lube goes with which toy? Check out our quick lube glossary thanks to our resident Lubrarian.

We hope this shortlist has inspired new expeditions of the carnal variety. Now go forth and get the most out of your most-valuable playthings.