1. Why Pleasure and Sex Education?

Because I was inspired by elders in the space, and shared the belief we all deserve access to practical info about our bodies and relationships. I didn’t have the words when I began, but I now realise what propels me in my work is that I believe: bodies are incredible and aren’t as appreciated as the mind and PLEASURE IS HEALTH (pleasure is not just an indulgence, hedonistic, frivolous).

2. I know I personally don’t always want to answer the question, “So what do you do?” Does the work you do as a sex educator impact negatively in some ways?

Yeah it’s definitely not all fun and glamour eh! If it’s in passing I generally say “I’m a Public Health Professional” and people rarely ask more. I’ve learnt the hard way that otherwise I can often get unsolicited stories, or people expecting an on the spot consultation, or a very judgemental silence. But in the main people are so encouraging and glad I’m doing the work I do. Though with institutions - like banks, online business for hosting, payment processors - there’s a lot of discrimination against my work. So many barriers in society with this work!

3. How has becoming a professional Pleasure and Sex Educator influenced your own sex life? What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned by doing this work?

  • Made me cherish my sexuality and body as something that is mine and no one else’s.
  • Pleasure is not just sexual.
  • Shame is a sneaky fucker, so insidious. Really takes effort to unlearn.

4. Any basic tips on how we can understand more about what we want in bed?

Fantasise more, be more explorative in your self pleasure.

5. What trends are you noticing in the sex ed field?

Crystal wands, Cannasexuality (cannabis and sex), ‘Conscious Sexuality’, ‘Slow sex’ revolutions, decolonising sex education (which is really important and awesome it’s happening!).

6. Dogs or cats?

Dogs, they are absolute gifts with their wagging and their smiles. But also I’m allergic to cats. So they love me, because I never pay them attention. Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen is proven to be a real thing.

7. Best toys on the website?

Oh wow, what a doozy. N-joy Pure Wand, N-joy butt plugs, Rave wand, Tenga masturbator eggs, Yany kegel balls, Stronic G (for deeper A spot and cervical play), Joque strap-on harness, Vamp Super Soft dildo, Uberlube (yes, it’s a toy!), and I’m excited to try the Snug Plug! Probably too many, but I’m a keen bean.

Euphemia will be giving free Sex Ed Tutorials at our AVALON Event on September 1st. Book your tickets here and stay tuned for her 2019 workshops at Passionfruit.

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