My name is Tori and most people know I have a slight obsession with lingerie, it has been something I've collected for half my life and have turned it into a bit of a lifestyle for myself. I find lingerie to be timeless, so no matter what I buy I know that in 20 years it will still be wearable and beautiful, so lingerie is what I choose to spoil myself with.

I consider myself to be a bit of an expert on the matter and I'm more than willing to impart my wisdom to anyone willing to listen. I've called this piece 'Lingerie is my Favourite Sex Toy' but I'm not one that subscribes to lingerie being all about and only for sex. There is much more to it.

So at Passionfruit we have some of the most incredible lingerie you will ever see, I often hear people say "I haven't got anyone to wear it for" and I'm forever squashing that taboo. We wear it for ourselves, we wear it as a confidence boost. I think lingerie is the one thing we can truly wear for ourselves that no one can take from, it's hidden under clothes only for the wearer to take joy from and if someone you choose to share that with gets to enjoy it well great.

To get started I think in order to wear lingerie in the bedroom and enjoy it for all it's worth you have to first realise that you are the main character, honour yourself and accept that you look incredible in what you have chosen. You and your confidence will speak for itself, take it as an opportunity to direct your partner, tell them what they can and cannot remove. Remember it's nice to share.

Picking the right lingerie can be difficult but I always recommend to always try something you usually wouldn't when heading to the change room, it may result is a laughable moment or an absolute game changer. One of the most popular lingerie endeavours is the 3 piece set, a bra, suspender and bottom paired with stockings, it's a classic and timeless look and also can be worn practically wherever you wish.

Suspenders and stockings have a bit of a learning curve. The suspender should sit on the smallest part of the waist feeling secure and comfortably tight and the stockings shouldn't cut in, reaching the suspender clip without too much tension.

A lingerie tip is to always put on the suspender and stockings first so you're able to remove the underwear and keep everything else on. This offers beautiful tactile sensations and also is like a beautiful bow of the body highlighting your waist and legs.

Other options are our crotchless bodysuits and body stockings. These are so easy to figure out and the best thing is you don't have to take them off as everything is accessible. You can get these cupless or with cups. If you have a difficult cup size the cupless are a lifesaver as these are often sized generically. If you wish to wear this out but don't feel comfortable with the crotchless or cupless nature of the piece I recommend wearing a bottom that has the same cut as the bodysuit or a simple G-string and bralette or bra worn over the top. It's just another layer of fun to remove.

Bodystockings are wonderful for full body tactility, you can wear your lingerie over these and never have to remove the piece. Both people will experience something new with this and it may turn into one of your favourite outfits. Some feel touch is more sensitive in a bodystocking as touch travels through the material and your partner is feeling different textures to normal, it's certainly a new experience if you've never tried it. These can be worn under clothing but I'll warn you it can get toasty so it's perfect for winter, also your partner will certainly know what it is you're wearing as most of these are visible and they'll likely be quite excited.

Once the base lingerie has been chosen you can embellish - a robe or chemise to grand reveal what's underneath. If you want to swan around the room and perhaps tease a little yet you're a bit unsure what to do I always recommend a paddle or crop type of object so you have something to do with your hands, these objects are great for directing a partner or giving a playful tap or two with.

Now at this stage why not do a dress rehearsal, dress up and check yourself out, take some photos if you want to share with someone, even to show your close friends as they can be a great source of support and hype. This is all part of feeling comfortable and building that confidence especially if you're new to lingerie.

I hope this has been a helpful introduction, there are so many lingerie tips and tricks to learn but here are the basics. If you have any further questions or want to learn about particular styles and pieces please feel free to contact me at Passionfruit. Trust me lingerie is addictive but a lot of fun, welcome to the crew.

Tori's micro blog about lingerie can be found on instagram @bellentina.