If you're curious about the act of penetration upon your lover's back passage, "lockdown" is the perfect excuse.

Follow our 3 tips for a good time and watch the Broad City infamous Pegging episode for inspiration.

  1. Get the right equipment for you. We recommend starting with an easy to strap on harness such as the Wild Hide and a smallish silicone dido by Fun Factory. Our lube of choice for pegging is Sassy water-based gel by Sliquid.

  2. Talk about it with your partner. First questions you might ask could be more high level about how you feel about the act itself as a concept. Examine how the feelings and opinions that come up might be tied to messages from your family, your upbringing, social circles and culture.

  3. Remember, this is all, quite frankly, hilarious. Too often we take sex too seriously. The word 'play' and the word 'sex' go hand in hand (or, dido in butthole, depending on the evening). A couple we recently sold a pegging kit to came back to tell us that while it wasn't for them, it was definitely one of the funniest experiences they had ever had together.

If you can't play with your partner right now, why not try a prostate stimulator? Our top recommendations are the Lelo Hugo and the We Vibe Vector.

Stay curious, be playful. And please don't forget the lube!!