On Friday (Feb 10th) 96 gorgeous Passionfruit cats joined our V-Day celebrations (/ultimate treat excuse).

Thank you for making the night full of good vibes. And hey... did you all get together and decide for such an appropriate number? 96 i.e. "applying flavoured lube in pre-69 anticipation"??

A special glitter high five to the group who came down especially from Geelong, you warmed my heart (giving my loins a short break).

@sarahalldolledup, you came as a freaking mermaid from outerspace. You deserve all the prizes. 

And to everyone who used the night as an excuse to bring a Pal (shout out to Palentine's Day). We noted a lot of new faces and hope you all felt the love!

During the night, we feasted on the following...

Champagne in bottles, with straws to match clothing (because door-bitch expanded her job description), malteasers for teasers.

The unveiling of our Limited Edition @hopelesslingerie in baby blue. Modelled here by power Goddess @claryssahj and photographed by @stephcammarano (all lingerie photography fans should give her a follow!)

Chanelle inspiring three generations of social media 

A visual feast. The Moon. The Magnanimous moon that is Chanelle Rogers adorning our window and giving the 75 and 48 trams something to wonder about for the rest of their commute: "I know it's been a long week.... but was that girl mooning me?"

And we did some good old fashioned learning too...

Education on sex toys - the non-hetero and gendered variety - big snaps to our professional sex and gender educator Euphemia Russell making it rain with inclusive knowledge.

The importance of the Split Gusset

A fascinating lecture on the science/art of "How to Dress to be Undressed" by @Bellentina, lingerie connoisseur with a cult following for delivering the best in knicker-know-how.

Shout out to the beautiful @unmentionablesblog who bought our favourite Chromat set to practice the teachings with!

 Also to creative creatures, @misse_fashion and @xmydyingrosex who fell into a heavenly rail of Bettie Page magic. Thank you for coming!!

We had such glorious feedback from these workshops we are planning to run a few more on Weekend Afternoons in store... #afternoondelight (please sign up to the weekly newsletter to be the first to know when these are launched).



And lastly, we had some magnificent sponsors are made those unreal goody bags possible! Sponsors included Fun Factory, the most ethical toy brand around, Fun Division - distributors of premium brand überlube, Je Joue and long time supporters and distributors, Sugar and Sas & Calvista.

(if you missed out this time... next bash we plan on having even more sweet free goods...)

We hope to see you at the next big treat bash! Be the first to know by following our newsletter. (We hate most 'salesy' newsletters so we fill ours with cat gifs and shop stories).