Last Monday we gave Anna and her partner Harry two challenges based on upping their sexual confidence! We sent Anna some questions yesterday to reflect on what happened...

The first challenge was to write down current sexual beliefs and a list of new sexual beliefs. 
The second challenge was for her and her partner to send each other a sexy text a day.
So Anna - what happened? Did you do both challenges every day?

I hoped to do both, but kind of let the belief challenge fall by the wayside. I found it hard to come up with counter beliefs, especially as I was conscious of framing them as 'I think I look great when...' rather than 'Harry thinks I look great when...' which was a trap I nearly fell into. I would like to work on these long term because I feels like it would be a great idea! I just need to sit down and properly create these beliefs for myself.

As for the sexting challenge, we had no problem jumping into that routine! That was a really fun one, and a great way to share some pretty cheeky ideas.
How did you find doing the challenges? Any specific feelings or moments you'd like to highlight?

Some pretty saucy texts flew through the phone lines, and after a particularly sexy exchange, we ended up having a really fun BDSM sesh with a few new tricks thrown in. We want to make sexting a more regular thing for sure.
Where to from now? Are the activities something you will keep doing or has it inspired you to try anything else?

I'm going to try set some time aside tomorrow and write some nice things about myself, and Harry and I are looking forward to a lot more distractions from work via sexy texts.

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