Out final Confidence Challenge this week was to have sex every day! Many of you took part via survey and here is a reflective piece by Passionfruit Tribe member Anna on her experience... 
So - what happened? Did you have sex every day?

Unfortunately not, we started off with a 'bang' on day one, but then both of our weeks got tremendously busy and we barely saw each other. We managed to squeeze in three rounds into the week.
How did you find doing this challenge? Any specific feelings or moments you'd like to highlight?

We were excited to try it! And then disappointed when we missed a few days. Day one was pretty fun, and included a lot of giggling about how great the week would be. It was nice to use this as a way to change it up each time we had sex since we were planning to do it so often.
Where to from now? Is this something you will keep doing or has it inspired you to try anything else?

We definitely want to have another shot at a full week! This will mean trying a bit harder and making some room for compromises in schedules, and challenging whatever usually stops us from having sex. We'll need some strategy for round two. Maybe we'll add an activity like a hat with a bunch of cheeky things to do in it, and draw out a word each day. Who knows!
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