Spreader bars might seem like a radical piece of equipment, but they are surprisingly erotic in their application and can get you out of a boring positions routine.

Basically, a spreader bar stops the wearer from closing their arms or legs, allowing full access to the body. With a trusted partner, this can be ultimately liberating and fulfilling - and insanely arousing.

The surrendering of your body and the vulnerability that entails, can take you to the next level of pleasure and sexual enlightenment, so long as the communication pathways are water-tight.

Being unable to reciprocate whilst in traction, but at the same time receiving full body pleasure, is powerful and can negate the pressure to constantly perform. For many lovers, this can be transformational. I would go as far as to say that such issues as inability to orgasm and premature ejaculation can be overcome using this type of restraint.

Coaxing, coaching and communicating during lovemaking (when locked to a spreader bar) can train the body to do as it’s told - climax or not climax for example.

So now you know the WHY, here’s some of the HOW. (A pair of cuffs is an essential addition to a spreader bar so that the hands or feet can be tied to the bar).

Arms in front: Simply standing in this easy position gets you used to the feeling of restraint and submission. Arse is displayed with no way to cover or hide it. Face down is a great doggy position with improved angle. To pump up the volume, you can be standing up and bent over with the wrists tied to the ankles using cuffs.

Arms Behind: This gives unfettered access to the chest/breasts when standing. A great position for our old friends the nipple clamps! (Read our nipple clamp blog post here). Face-down, you can ‘hogtie’ in this position by attaching the wrists to the ankles! Perfect for endless teasing but not so great for penetration. When face-up, it’s more comfortable to use a padded spreader bar, that serves as a nice cushy bolster and offers deeper angle.

Legs apart: Face-up, the bar can be lifted high for awesome effect and leverage.

Spreadeagle: One spreader bar for the arms and one for the legs for all over access. Not great for penetration but killer for fun. Whip out the vibrator, dildo, ball-gag, strap-on, blindfold, feather, paddle, ice, ON, flogger, lube....and torment your lover as much as you dare. And don't forget the lingerie. Crotchless of course.

These are just a few ways you can use this most versatile piece of equipment. How can sex ever be boring when there are play pieces like this to experiment with? Switching up the dominant and submissive roles can teach you things about yourself and your partner that you never thought possible. Opening up communication between you is inevitable and this in itself is eroticism at its finest.

* SAFETY - Safe words and communication are essential in any bondage play. Make sure that your partner isn't losing feeling in any area of the body. A clear head is essential. Drugs and alcohol do not mix with this kind of play.

Illustrations courtesy of Liberator 

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