"Boredom or stagnancy likely comes from a lack of “intimacy", which I define as a lack of sensitivity and feeling in the body."

- Alex White, pleasure coach and tantric teaching. He works with the men of Melbourne to help them re-connect to themselves and their partners. We asked him why he thinks tantra is great for couples who are looking to 'spice' 'spruce' and generally get back that initial excitement worn down by years of laundry and life admin.

"When you learn to feel more of your whole body through tantric style practices, you simply become more sensitive. Sensitivity reveals curiosity and an opportunity to discover elements in yourself and your partner that have been lying dormant… waiting patiently."

Sounds great! So how does this foster re-connection and what can we do about it right now?

"Reconnection is simply a matter of feeling heart to heart. This is not some hippy festival bumper sticker. It is a very practical process of feeling more in your heart and chest, allowing your measurable magnetism to both attract and resonate with others. Accompanying this heart communication with eye gazing and an awakened pelvic zone and you’ve got yourself a whole new body to play with."

Team Passionfruit love the idea of an awakened pelvis zone! We recommend starting this process by bringing awareness to your pelvic floor muscles. Those with vaginas can use luna beads. Those with testicles, stand in front of a mirror and attempt to 'lift' your balls up using your pelvic floor (visualising water slowing rising up your legs can help!).

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