Following on from our quick explanation of the art and science of G-spotting (/internal vaginal delights), we asked a female friend in her early 30s about her first time discovering such pleasures... (transcribed from phone interview)

So, what was it like finding your G-Spot? How did you do it?

I'm sure it is different on every woman and honestly I am not even sure if I've even "felt" mine really! I have never 'finger-banged' myself to put it delicately! It's all been through toys. The first toy I managed one with was The Rosa (the Sensevibe is the 2020 upgrade), bought from darling Passionfruit of course haha. I actually thought I was one of those women who wasn't capable of internal orgasms because I never came anywhere close with a penis or partner's fingers. I would only buy toys for external stimulation, my well-known and beloved get-me-off. I bought The Rosa because of that god damn motor!!

One afternoon I was having some solo time and thought to myself "well, it comes with a curve designed for the task apparently... I might as well try it". I felt too intimidated and weird to insert it the first time so stayed close to the entrance, then gave up and went back to good old classic clit stim. Then the next two times I was able to insert it but honestly had no idea what I was doing once it was there! I did a slow rocking back and forth I think. Then it felt like I needed to pee so I stopped... and back to clit. I think it was the fourth self-loving session I tried it internally that I just sort of went for it! I jerked it around like I was playing a video game with no rules but a hunger to win something somehow haha. Then, a big almighty whole body wave of pleasure. Definitely an orgasm I hadn't had before. I was stimulating my clit at the same time too so I think the combo pack caused the almighty sensation. 

How do you "G-spot" these days?

These days my masturbation sessions are more creative because of the options provided by internal. I will choose an internal toy of choice and just, to be Ozzy about it, 'root around' in different motions (towards the front of my body) until the sensation feels really good. Then it's about playing with speed and sometimes a windscreen wiper motion is fun. Patterns on the toys don't do much for me though and I don't tend to ram the speed up like I do externally, it's more about the shape and material than vibration for me internally.

What tips can you give other G-Spot hunters? 

Hmm... I think of myself back in the pre-internal days and wish someone had told me to just give it a crack and be very patient with my body! It is super weird at first because hell, it's inserting something inside your body! I remember hearing people and magazines talk about internal orgasms like they were totally achievable and easy just like clit orgasms and I felt like I was the only one not doing it. I wish someone had told me it was Ok for it to feel way harder to achieve and would take more time and dedication than external stuff. Get very aroused and use lots of lube too, that makes it a lot easier to get into. The first time it worked for me I'd actually had a clitoral orgasm first so perhaps being super turned on pushed it over the edge.

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Image via French artist @regards_coupables