Your challenge this week is one daily activity - and as a twist - we have constructed a 'Challenge Lite' version for you to do if something gets in the way of doing the full challenge.

This week, you will be doing "mindful touching".
We live in a world of opinions and busy minds. Feeling sexual however involves following the pleasurable sensations in the body. Let's practice tuning into pleasurable feelings and centering the mind on those spots.

The Challenge : Daily Mindful Touching

Every day put aside just 10 minutes (you can set an alarm if you like) to lie down (alone - or for a Level 10 version - with a partner next to you either doing the same activity or holding you as you go on your mindful touching journey aka 'the loving assist').

This can be either morning or evening.... or during the day if you're lucky enough to have space and time alone! Looking at you lucky work from home people...

Focus on your breath. Notice if you're breathing heavily or lightly and experiment with breathing in a way that brings the most pleasure and release of tension. After you feel in tune with your breath, take some time running your fingers over your whole body. 
The skin is the second most erogenous zone of the body (the first is the brain!). Follow the sensations of your finger tips on your skin, play around with different kinds of touching (light like a feather or slow and heavy strokes. Work your way to your thighs and take some time feeling the inside of your thighs (an area full of sparkly nerve endings that often doesn't get the attention it deserves!). 

Any time you notice your mind wandering, just gently bring it back to your breath and then to the feeling of touch. There is nothing wrong with thoughts coming or going, this exercise is simply about experimenting with tuning attention into pleasurable sensations and what that does for you.

After touching your thighs, experiment with what lightly circling a finger around and over your genitals feels like. Everyone is a unique erotic snowflake when it comes to what feels like a dance in the pants! Notice what kinds of touch feel most pleasurable where (and of course if you feel like masturbating and bringing yourself to orgasm, hey, we are definitely not going to police that!).

The "Lite" Version

Of course - this activity requires having the right time and space to do some self-care. We live busy lives and if you have a freelance workload that can't manage that do not fret, here is the Lite version :

Mindful Breathing + Pelvic Floor Awareness :

Find an activity in your busy schedule where you will be having to wait for at least 5 minutes. This could be standing by the kettle/Nespresso machine, waiting for a tram/train, even taking a shower works well for this. 

First, do the same exercise of focusing on the breath, notice the quality of the breath, where you feel it in your body, the sound of the breath. Then, draw your attention to your pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is easiest to locate by imaging you are stopping yourself mid-pee. That little zip up action. 

When you next inhale, imagine you are inhaling from the pelvic floor with a slow zip up. And then exhale out and release the pelvic floor. Do this for 5 breaths.

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Mindfully touching yourself with silicone lubricant on your finger tips is like adding spices to recipes! 

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