Step into any adult shop and you can expect to find several things: dildos, vibrators and all kinds of body-safe silicone in a range of (usually) phallic dimensions. Occasionally, you may run into more left-of-centre silhouettes (think: fists and the odd alien schlong). But, what you don’t expect to see is a snail vibrator. Yeah, you heard me.

The Snail Vibe in question is the Snail Curve by SVibe, a rabbit vibrator that rose to popularity during the pandemic. Because when people get depressed, they get horny. (It’s me. Hi, I’m people.)

After seeing this peculiar plaything pop-up on our social feeds, we had to test it out for ourselves. And, look, this mollusc-shaped masturbator did not disappoint. Which made us think: what other strange stimulators have we been sleeping on – instead of grinding?

So, for the horny but curious pleasure-seeker, we’ve recorded our findings on the weird but wonderful playthings you’ll see around our store:

The reviews are in… 

Image: Starsi by Cute Little Fuckers
Image: Starsi by Cute Little Fuckers

Starting with Starsi.

Say ‘hi’ to Starsi, the sensual vibe that smiles back. This completely adorable design by Cute Little Fuckers caught us by surprise, in that, it doesn’t adhere to any conventional vibrator tropes.

It's a multi-purpose pebble for titillating and grinding, depending on how and where you want to use it. This palm-sized plaything takes on the shape of a six-pointed star. Puck-like and concave on one side, Starsi offers tantalising textures on the inner curve, and ridged indentations on the back for easy handling.

The most exciting thing about this toy is that the surface dimensions offer a multitude of pleasure possibilities. Starsi cups breasts and other sensitive curves, sending vibrations throughout its stubby little limbs. Its triangular tips are perfect for more directional stimulation, if you seek pin-pointed pleasure and high-frequency vibes (think: clit, nip and tip play). It’s also able to deliver these vibrations over a broader area when placed over the genitals, chest and beyond.

But, what’s Starsi packing? Offering five speeds and five patterns, with ten possible modes, Starsi is a reasonably powerful plaything that’s USB-rechargeable, whisper-quiet and 100% waterproof. And ‘cause it’s powered by a removable bullet motor, it’s easy to clean.

My verdict: An 8 out of 10, Starsi is a fish I wanna sleep with.


Seeing a woman sensually grinding on a Sybian machine (or a Sybian saddle) will do things to you. Ever since witnessing this wonder, I’ve dreamt of owning my own. So, when I found that Starsi offers discreet but satisfying Sybian qualities, I was sold. The back makes for great grinding and packs a vibrational punch, and the triangular tips are delicious for clitoral stimulation or teasing the vulva.

The accessibility of this toy is also nothing to sneeze at. The indentations on the back make it easier to hold, in your palm instead of your fingers, than other pebble-style vibrators. The indentations also feel kinda vulva-like, in that, if you are experiencing body dysmorphia, Starsi could be useful at placing over the genitals to stimulate and simulate remixed parts. Above all, the design isn’t aggressive, intimidating or overtly sexual. Starsi has so many bases covered, and that sweet little face really seals the deal for me.


Note: If you don’t want your vibrator to have a face, maybe steer clear of this one. Starsi is adorable, but it does smile back at you. At least on the inner curve.

Because Starsi is a little unconventional by design, it may not be the stimulator you seek. Especially if you’re looking for a more penetrative partner. Additionally, the pointed tips may prove to be a little uncomfortable, if you’re sitting on Starsi. Depending on whether we were using the toy face-up or face-down, the tips tended to dig into our thighs.

While this design is powered by a single button, the size of the button is quite small and may be difficult to operate if you have a more limited range of motion or dexterity. This can also prove quite annoying mid-session if you accidentally tap the button.

The bullet vibe motor is also a little finicky to remove if and when you are sanitising your toys. But, Starsi certainly takes top title for cutest vibe we’ve ever f*cked.

Image: Volta by Fun Factory
Image: Volta by Fun Factory

Revolt with Volta

Looks like a flame, and flickers just the same.

The Volta is a design by Fun Factory, which resembles a wand; except this wand features tongue-like tips designed to replicate cunnilingus, analingus – basically any lingus you want.

Like most of the Fun Factory designs of its time, the Volta is rechargeable and features a loop handle for easy manoeuvrability, six intensities or ‘speeds’, six patterns, and a handy magnetic charging cord. And Volta comes with a travel-lock feature, keeping its licks under lock and key.

But, don’t be fooled by its unassuming appearance, this plaything is positively silver-tongued. While it is marketed as a clitoral stimulator, the Volta plays both sides. Ranging from a soft flutter to more powerful, full-pressure vibrations, this design is great for stimulating the vulva, labia, nips, scrotum, frenulum – and buttholes, for those seeking a rimming replica.

If you’re playing solo, the Volta makes a great pre-session vibe, perfect for teasing. If you’re warming up for penetration, the tapered tip is great for dilation and widens through the shaft for greater girth when you want it.

For coupled sessions, this toy is pleasantly unobtrusive so you can hold it up between you for added stimulation or vibration. It’s also particularly delightful when used during oral sex, whether you’re performing, receiving, sharing (read: 69), or simply adding a new dimension to your technique.

My verdict: A spoilt, 6 out of 10 from this glutton for vibration. 


Look, the Volta makes for a fun warm-up toy, if you enjoy an external vibe or a tickler. Because I prefer a more robust vibrator, I will always opt for a more rumbly companion – but, to each their own.

The Volta is also great for those who enjoy a shallow yet wide girth in their penetrative playthings. The tips lead to a tapered shaft, ergonomically contoured to the body, so you can really enjoy this design internally, if that’s your vibe. 


If you’re seeking an economic vibrator (we get it, cossie livs), this is not a toy that ‘does it all’. It’s a niche shape for a niche experience and not everyone will be thrilled by the style, or the sensation it supplies.

The tapered design also means that the vibrations disperse over an accented peak. So the stimulation factor may be further diffused when inserted.

If you’re seeking something unique to add to your pleasure chest, Volta is an unusual addition sure to have tongues wagging.

Image: The Manta by Fun Factory
Image: The Manta by Fun Factory

Master the debate with Manta

Another Fun Factory find, this toy was sold to me as, “the best blowjob you will ever give”; and my personal best has never been higher.

The Manta is a wand-like vibrator but instead of a bulbous tip, it features two ribbed fins. Like a soft, silicone spanner; if spanners were used for busting a nut, rather than turning them. The handle includes three buttons toggling the travel lock, vibration patterns and intensities (six for each, to be exact)

The fins are designed to wrap around your (or your lover’s) shaft, surrounding and serving them amplified stimulation and stroking sensations. All lubed up, this thing’s quite the companion in your solo or partnered play.

Alone, this toy adds a whole other level to jerking off. Because it’s not your hand, you get that saucy sensation of another person, stimulating your shaft, lovingly fondling your scrotum and wandering wherever you want these fins to roam. Experiment with pressing the fins at the base of your shaft and using your other hand to stimulate the tip.

In partnered play, the Manta makes oral sex feel more like a ménage à trois. Again, when placed at the base of the penis, the Manta really takes fellatio to new depths (read: deep throat) offering you and your partner a whole new dimension of stimulation. It’s like surround sound for blow jobs.

For penetration play, positioning the Manta between you offers both partners the pleasure of vibration with the added element of stroking. Basically, it’s a generous companion, no matter the company.

My verdict: A selfish, 7 out of 10 from this vulva-owner.


This toy features the powerful G7 motor that Fun Factory is known for, and all of the fun vibration patterns you could want. The ergonomic handle makes it a breeze to grip or wield unto your partner without losing momentum. Further, the little ribbed detail on the fins help keep lube in place for a longer lasting glide.

The design is also quite useful for penis-owners experiencing ED or recovering from prostate-related surgery, injury or rehabilitation, in achieving arousal. The Manta also makes for a more interesting stimulator, that isn’t too phallic or aggressive. The Manta is perfectly enjoyable as a foreplay stroker for all manner of erogenous zones. 


Vibrational intensity is distributed throughout the fins. Because the tip is flexible, you do end up losing some of that intensity towards the end. While this may be a welcome relief in your pleasure practice, I was expecting a little rigidity to offer more directed stimulation.

If you are using this during partnered play, you may find yourself accidentally toggling patterns or intensities, in the heat of the moment. This could be remedied with more careful handle placement – or a more conscientious partner.

Look, it is a unique looking toy that some folks may be reluctant to whip-out during partnered play. But I promise, those apprehensions will melt away, as soon as you feel what it can do.

Image: Snail Curve
Image: Snail Curve

The Snail Curve is a hero in a half shell.

Forget Ninja Turtles, this mollusc doesn’t mess around. The Snail Curve is a 14cm long curved shaft, with a handle at one end, and a penetrative tip at the other. Mounted on top of this tip is a ribbed and retractable ‘shell’ that’s designed to lovingly stimulate the clitoris as the shaft is inserted. Essentially, it’s a rabbit in disguise.

Serving dual pleasure, this design is also dual motored. Yep. There’s a motor in the tip and in the shell, which can be controlled independently from the four-button panel on the handle. Each motor offers five levels of vibration for each of the five patterns, and you can select a different pattern for each motor, regardless of what the other is doing. Talk about a smart snail.

But, there’s nothing slow about it. I’ll admit, this thing’s had me pretty instantly, despite being pretty intimidating. After all, there’s a lot going on. But, with the right water-based lube, anything’s possible. I began trailing its suede-like finish across my skin on the lowest vibration setting, to get a sense of its power. Then, getting a feel for both the tip and the shell against me, I guided the shaft in, just enough to have the shell grazing me for clitoral stimulation.

The shell vibrator alone is quite impressive. The vibrations feel like they’re coming at you laterally, thanks to horizontal ribbing details distributing the sensations. And the vibration levels are satisfying at each increment, offering you a noticeable upgrade with each tap of the button. But, it was the selection of patterns that really had me. You know how sometimes you get a toy and it features some pretty lazy programming pattern-wise (think: the vibration settings of a Nokia’s 3310), well the Snail Curve has a curated collection varying between the OG vibration, more throbbing pulses, a short and long pattern, and a deep, rolling wave.

If you’re a G-spot specialist, these patterns can also be observed on an internal level. Eventually, once I was good and done with the external play, I turned my focus to the internal motor. Taking the rumbling sensations to the tip, I flickered between regular vibration and patterned variations – landing on the rolling wave as a favourite. But, switching both motors on simultaneously? That was a religious experience. It’s like having all of your prayers answered at once: that is, if all of your prayers involve dual stimulation of the penetrative and clitoral kind.

My verdict: At an 8 out of 10, the snail is an unexpected overachiever. 


Magnet rechargeable, fully submersible and waterproof (IMAGINE), this plaything is perfect for personal pamper sessions and solo time. Truly the GOAT of rabbit vibes (okay, it’s fine on the rabbit vibe-front but the analogy was there so I took it).


The Snail Curve left a little to be desired on the partnered play front. Yes, it’s extraordinary at delivering both external delight and internal sensation (he-llo G-spot). But, because of its distinct shape and surprising rigidity, it’s a little awkward to use in partnered positions – unless of course your partner lives to serve, and adores delayed gratification. (And who could blame them?)

This toy offers 60 mins running time, which makes sense in theory, given the power required for both motors at their peak – and the fact you’ll have climaxed in approx 60 secs at said peak.

So, would you try these unusual suspects or what?

Let us know in the comments. And tell us if there are any peculiar playthings that you’d like us to review for you!