This week, our guest Hini (they/them) reviews two distinctly different pleasure toys; Dame's Eva II and Crave's Vesper.

Our First Impressions series encourages you to feed your curiosity while observing the novelty, texture and playfulness of pleasure toys. From things you insert, to things you wear, tune in for a regular dose of frivolity and fun.


Plus pleasure you can wear under every layer.

Eva II by Dame

Dame's done it again. This clitoral stimulator features wings that tuck under the labia majora for uninterrupted pleasure. It can be used in partnered play or for fabulously focused alone time.

Vesper – Crave

Bringing a whole new meaning to 'wearables', this necklace cum vibrator is a fully-functional pleasure-giving piece perfect for spontaneous nipple play. Wear it out, accessorised with a sly smile.

Movie Wearable Vibrator – App Controllled

A vibe that fits perfectly inside your pants for pleasure that stays put – even if you're on the go. Talk about a buzz.

Jive App Controlled – We Vibe

Controlled from across the dinner table or from across the globe, Jive is designed to be worn internally, underneath it all. And you don't need to be a vulva owner to enjoy it.