Giving head. Going down. Eating out. No matter what you call it, nothing quite comes close to giving and receiving a little oral ecstasy. But, for a lot of folks this isn't always the comfiest or the safest way to play. Until now.

Lorals are the world's first oral sex undies made of dependably durable, ultra-thin latex for both pleasure and protection. Prevent skin-to-skin contact while FEELING IT ALL with Lorals' feather-light, super-stretchy, full-sensation undies. Designed to flex and fit US sizes 0-20 Lorals make fingering, penetration, and licking lovely again, in two styles and colours to choose from.

Rimming, cunnilingus, blowjobs. Do it all with full-coverage comfort without compromise. 


We know, we know. We said this month is all about you. But, what if you really enjoy getting others off? 

Well, do we have a Masturbation May tip for you, you generous thing. This month, why not incorporate a little mutual masturbation into your practise? Or you could dedicate an entire session to your partner and masturbate them in whichever way they please. Strokes, heavy petting, some gentle tonguing, perhaps? With Lorals, you can tantalise them with only your mouth or give them a loving little rim job to round out the month. You're so thoughtful like that.


Well firstly, there are two products to choose from, Lorals for Pleasure and Lorals for Protection. 

Lorals for Pleasure are sexy, skin-tight latex undies for comfort and play and come in two styles, including a sheer design for a barely-there look or a black latex number for fetish fashion in the bedroom and beyond. 

Lorals for Protection come in the sexy styles above, and are an FDA-cleared medical device for STI protection. They're made of natural latex and block the transmission of bodily fluids, harmful pathogens and STIs during cunnilingus, rimming and any other oral stimming.

Lorals are single-use, non-porous and create a barrier between your partner's mouth, fingers, tongue and your vulva and anus, without interrupting sensation or visibility (great news for the voyeurs).