We've saved our juiciest episode for last. In this final week of Sex Myths Busted, Themme banishes naughty narratives around what's "normal" versus what's "common", plus a tasty analogy about sex toys to satisfy the senses.

Settle-in for:

Myth #6: Pain is normal during sex.
Myth #7: In a relationship, someone has to be “the man” and someone has to be “the woman”.
Myth #8: Using sex toys with someone means that you (or they) aren’t enough.
Myth #9: The purpose of sex is to orgasm.

A while back, Themme asked our collective community about some of the sex myths they'd heard or believed over time. Watch professional clown and entertainer Themme Fatale dispel each myth, one-by-one, for the betterment of our bedroom lives and beyond.

"If we find space outside of those stereotyped ideas of who has to do what and figure out who wants to do what – and who feels good when we do what – how much more fun, how much more expansive, how much more freeing is that?" – Themme Fatale