Like a splendidly sensual in-flight safety video, STRAP IN is a new Passionfruit PSA series dedicated to pegging and strap-on play. Pull up, tune in and keep your harness securely fastened at all times.

As specialists in pleasure toys, accessories and essentials, our team of experienced educators are here to provide beginners with helpful information and inspiration ahead of their next pegging or strap-on play adventure. 

Ideally, when you’re participating in strap-on play, you want things that aren’t going to interrupt the experience. This episode focuses on how to wear and get the most out of a double-ended dildo in your strap-on practice. Not only do these versatile toys work outside of harnessed situations, when all strapped in, duo-contact accessories provide stimulation for both parties.

This episode features Passionfruit educators Chanelle and Fin and included the following product(s):

Vibrating Double Dildo - Strap On Me

A bona fide triple threat, this vibrating double dildo features a separately controlled motor in the tip, the bulb AND in the base of the shaft. Wear with a harness for comfortable and consistent contact.