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    If you'd like to talk with our informed, knowledgeable staff in a private setting, you can book a private consultation. We talk to singles, couples and groups. Subjects include intimacy post cancer, vaginismus, vulvodynia, erectile dysfunction, seuxal communitcation, relationship dynamics and information for health care professionals. Book your consult with Tori, Chanelle, Fin or Toya.


    Tori has been working with Passionfruit for the last 6 years. In that time she has voraciously inhaled as much knowledge as humanly possible regarding sexual health, education and product range. Her aim is to further support others in their sexual growth.

    Prior to working at Passionfruit, Tori worked in the fields of education, plastic surgery / skincare, and the music industry. Tori's main focus at Passionfruit is skin sensitivity issues in relation to lubricant, condoms, menopause, or other changes causing vaginal dryness and irritation.

    Tori is a skilled educator on topics like vaginismus, vulvodynia, information about post prostatectomy as well as all of your other sex education and product questions.

    Tori is happy to work with you navigating new territories as a couple or by yourself to assist you in feeling comfortable expanding your sexual knowledge and understanding.

    Tori can also build anything, fix anything and lift anything. She adores her little pooch Lady and is a dedicated lingerie addict.


    If you've been to Passionfruit before, you'd know Chanelle as 'The one with the Pink hair!' Chanelle has been a smiling face at Passionfruit for six years and her specialty is proudly education focused. Her unique creativity informs her sensitivity and understanding for a gentle and inclusive approach.

    For almost a decade Chanelle has worked across intersections of the sex and sensuality education industry, with an enthusiastic passion in Gender Sexuality and Diversity studies where she has presented talks within our own store as well as with the likes of Thorne and Harbour Health on numerous occasions.

    Chanelle is also a remarkably talented performance artist and dedicated activist, either performing or participating in events and action across all of so called Australia.

    Whether you're referred to Passionfruit from your specialist or you're exploring a new side of your intimacy and self pleasure, Chanelle will consult you with the most considerate and knowledgeable expertise. If you're lucky she'll even tell you all about her beautiful cat Lumley too.


    Finula is currently finishing their undergraduate degree, majoring in Gender and Sexuality studies and English Literature. They identify as non-binary and bisexual and are interested in sexual health and pleasure within LGBTQI+ identities.

    Fin always stays up to date and as informed as possible with educational sources and book recommendations for sexual health, queer identities, sex education for teenagers and books for parents with queer or trans children. They also have interests in safe and fun anal play and finding the perfect toy/toys as well as pairing it with the perfect lube.

    Fin is a deep thinker yet is relaxed and fun to be around, always with a huge smile and a pat for their cat George Michael. Their disco moves are super groovy too.


    Toya has been working as the resident sexologist, helping to engage the Passionfruit community through special events and challenges like Masturbation May and the Couples Challenge. She is especially passionate about drawing together art, technology and sex in unexpected ways.

    She is a trained sexologist with experience in counselling, psychology and creative and experiential arts therapy. Toya is a sexuality educator and regularly runs workshops on adult sexuality education, pleasure, consent, sexual ethics and sexual communication. She is also active in sex tech and mentors people who are developing the next generation of sexual technology.

    Toya believes that sexuality encompasses every part of our being and is an essential part of who we are. She works with individuals and couples to address issues or concerns with sexual health over the lifespan, relationship dynamics (including non monogamous and polyamory), sexual identity and sexual function, activities and behaviours. She especially enjoys working with couples and empowering people to develop and enhance their sexual communication and pleasure.

    Toya is like a warm cup of tea and enjoys a good laugh. She can often be found strumming her ukulele and singing to her cat Orlando.


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