Yes you read that right. 2018 marks the 20th birthday of Passionfruit.

Each month I'll be posting a bit about what's happened in those twenty years. The stories, things I've noticed, the massive changes, the ups and the downs.

So to start at the beginning, it was around 1995 when, as a young woman, I began to notice that getting a vibrator wasn't that easy. A friend of my older sister's lamented that she had go 'to that horrible shop in Moonee Ponds' and get a new toy because hers had died and she absolutely couldn't do without it.

That struck me at the time as a terrible state of affairs when a product you wanted, NEEDED, and that was capable of giving you immense pleasure, couldn't be bought without shame and embarrassment.

I was completely appalled and angry and couldn't understand why a great thing like sex had to be degraded by these awful stores filled with magazines with very confronting images on the covers, the ugliest dildos imaginable and some greasy bloke smoking behind the counter.

(the standard sex shop landscape back in the 90's)

I came to the conclusion that if you really wanted to be turned off sex then all you had to do was go into a sex shop!

But what if you could find a shop that made you WANT to have sex? That was the question that began my quest. But first I had to get off the dole and get some money.... be continued next month - How I Started my own Business

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