Clay performance art. Flickr-inspired screen prints. Breasts in bloom. For Masturbation May, we’re showcasing installations that position self-pleasure as a bodily experience that coexists with artistic expression. Each piece reflects how self pleasure is not merely a contemporary movement, but a theme historically featured through art for centuries.

Our final artist, Cakeface (she/her), takes us on a journey where fun and self-expression intertwine, promising a lasting exploration of pleasure. Join us for a sensual season finale, up-close and personal on Fitzroy’s bustling Brunswick Street.

Nosebleed Section by Cakeface

Introducing, “GRWM (Get Ready With Me)” by Cakeface.

Passionfruit is embracing the bonkers world of 'Cakeface' (@cakefacegetsalife), where vibrant portraits capture characters primed for life. These portraits are the backdrop to a series of performances, showcasing exaggerated grooming rituals typically concealed. Through clowning, this installation brings private acts into public view, advocating for the celebration of self-indulgence as routine. By infusing playfulness into intimate moments, Cakeface challenges viewers to embrace self-pleasure joyfully. 

Cakeface is the vibrant performance persona created by emerging queer artist Jet Krusec. Through clowning, Cakeface embodies different personalities, seamlessly transitioning between the roles of a clown, a MILF, or even a religious republican lady. Krusec's art blurs the lines between self-portraiture and performance. Themes explored are intimate histories and challenging norms, Cakeface's work boldly embraces the concept of queering reality, inviting audiences to reconsider conventional perspectives. Through a colourful fusion of craft, satire, and introspection, Krusec's artistic journey celebrates authenticity, and the power of storytelling.

Live performance

The installation will be activated with a live in-store performance by Cakeface on Sunday 2nd June from 5pm (AEST) and again on Monday 3rd June ( Follow us on Instagram for an updated schedule). Get directions.

Passionfruit: As a creative, what is something you wish folks would ask you/never ask you?

Cakeface: You can ask me anything and I will answer because I am an oversharer, but I love being asked about my dreams and nightmares. I will always indulge in dream talk.

Here are a series of questions I’m often asked and their answers:

  • Is your mum proud? Sometimes.

  • How'd you get that scar? Accidental wax play gone wrong.

  • How do you come up with your ideas? Dreams and trauma.

  • What is performance art? Intentional living, baby.

  • What are you working on at the moment? Blending realities.

  • What are you doing next year? Restful unemployment.

  • I'm scared of clowns. Not really a question, but you should work through that on your own.

P: What’s the best reaction you’ve ever received towards your art/art practice? 

C: I love getting a laugh, the more uncomfortable the better.

Concealed Carry by Cakeface

P: When it comes to rude art, experiences and culture, are there any pieces, you love or are shocked by, that may be censored or missed by other audiences? 

Rudeness is an attitude and can come in many different forms, but you just know it when you see it. Here are some rude music videos that rocked my world on Rage* before sunrise. Conveniently, here they all are in a handy playlist.

  • Nine Inch Nails - Closer

  • The Veronicas - Take Me On The Floor

  • Tool - Stinkfist

  • Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom

  • Bowling For Soup - 1985

  • D’Angelo: Untitled (How Does It Feel?)

  • TISM - Whatareya?

  • The Birthday Party - Nick The Stripper

  • Diviynls - Pleasure and Pain

  • Zanzibar Chanel - Big Bone Bitch

  • Robbie WIlliams - Rock DJ

  • Shakira - She Wolf

  • Bec Cartwright - All Seats Taken

  • TaTu - All The Things She Said

*Editors’s note: Rage is an all-night Australian music video program that has aired on the ABC since 1987, making it the longest-running music television program still in production. 

P: Okay, what’s your favourite sex toy OR sex store experience?

C: TLDR: In 2016, my keys were returned because of my sex store loyalty card.

I used to work nights at a supermarket, finishing at midnight most weekends with my friend Anna. We found out that the local SexyLand was open pretty much 24/7. We would go after work and buy ill-fitting lingerie and novelty mugs, before heading home to get stoned and show our feet to people on Omegle. This was our early 20s, killer clowns were in the streets and I lived with two middle-aged gay bodybuilders who were insufferably horny.

One night, I was walking home through the industrial estate when a huge explosion rocked the block and there was a total power outage. I started sprinting home while every emergency service headed in my direction. Our side of the street still had power so I could see my shirtless housemates standing on the balcony watching me run down the hill. By the time I got to the front door they were in hysterics and I'd lost my keys somewhere in my panic.

We all laughed about it the next day as I got a new key cut, learning the explosion was caused by a meth lab, keeping the rent down in our inner city suburb a little while longer. A few days passed when I got an email from the SexyLand help desk with the subject line "Keys Found...". The email contained contact details of a mum who had found my keys on her morning walk. My mini SexyLand loyalty card attached to my keys along with a silver heart that said, ‘Dream’ were back in my possession by the afternoon.

Thank you to that mum who loves a morning walk and a weirdly responsive SexyLand customer service team for reuniting me with my keys.

Andmy favourite sex toy is a classique: Hitachi Magic Wand.

Follow Cakeface and her work on Instagram @cakefacegetsalife