Masturbation May isn’t just a month for rubbing one out – but, don’t let that stop you. According to Camilla McQueen (she/her), it’s also a time for celebration, disruption, and the subversion of societal expectations. Soon, Camilla’s latest installation will be in ‘full bloom’ as part of our Artist Window Series, sharing sensual and provocative works around the theme of self-pleasure.

Rest your eyes on “Rose Boobs” by Camilla McQueen, captured by photographer Rhys Graham.

Camilla (@camillalucylucy) is a Naarm-based multidisciplinary artist who creates wearable and visual art under the label ‘ Sweeties Club ’. Her work explores all that comes with being a ‘femme’ human and what it might mean to be ‘feminine’. 

“My work aims to celebrate, disrupt and subvert the social expectations surrounding these constructs and what it might mean for different people… This work is the result of several brilliant, creative collaborations with dear friends who have always opened their arms (and bosoms!) to support my creative endeavours; sharing their unique skills and incredible artistic talents. Thank you so much, angels!”

Camilla McQueen

Camilla’s work holds many sources of inspiration, including: bodies, dance, photography, self portraiture, queer elders, flowers, textiles, old nudie mags, body joy, autonomy and ownership. Unexpected, and so very satisfying, “Rose Boobs” came about from a desire to play, explore, laugh, collaborate and create from a place of bravery and trust.

“I love movement, I'm curious about captured moments, and I love the subtle and the unexpected in an image.”

Camilla McQueen

We interviewed the artist to learn more about her work, and “Rose Boobs” in all their pert, petalled glory.

Passionfruit: As a creative, what is something you wish folks would ask you/never ask you?

Camilla McQueen: My main focus is using recycled, sustainable and found objects, in all areas of my life. I have lovingly used ethically made and traceable cotton garments with water-free dyeing processes for this series, and always work in small batches, as locally as possible!

I wish we talked about this more in relation to creativity and celebrated creation without waste and over production. I could talk and learn about reuse, reimagining and recycling options forever! 

P: What’s the best reaction you’ve ever received towards your art/art practice? 

CM: Seeing strangers walking around wearing my tits is the best! I spotted them on the dancefloor at Tomboy recently and nearly died, haha! Seeing my friends support me lovingly is so special too, I'm so grateful.

P: When it comes to rude art, experiences and culture, are there any pieces, you love or are shocked by, that may be censored or missed by other audiences?

CM: I don't classify it as rude, probably very shocking for some in parts, but very necessary: Betty Grumble’s (@bettygrumble) body of work and consistent offerings. She moves me very deeply, wows me constantly, and is so exciting and earth-shattering to watch. Her show “Enemies of Grooviness Eat Sh!t”, is not to be missed. Thank you, Betty, THANK YOU BODY. I adore her work, message and care.

P: Okay, what’s your favourite sex toy OR sex store experience?

CM: I went to a sex shop in Tokyo last year, where my partner and I put some yen in the sex toy vending machine! It was a very sexy, black machine that spat out a token to take to the counter and retrieve your prize. The serious sex shop man proceeded to hand over the biggest dildo I have ever seen; it was clear plastic and covered in spikes! My girlfriend had to carry it around Tokyo in her backpack all day while I laughed! We couldn't even fit it into our luggage, so we left it packaged in our room for the next happy traveller!

P: Finally, can we help plug any exciting or upcoming projects?

CM: Hopefully the release of more hot pics of Simone Page Jones (@simonepagejones); my ultimate muse. I collaborate with beautiful human and stunning photographer, Rhys Graham (@rhysjgraham), and we have much more smut to reveal and work on!

Fancy sporting a pair of “Rose Boobs” yourself? Shop the tee and ‘Cans’ tote in-store while stocks last or at Sweeties Club . Plus, follow Camilla’s work on Instagram @camillalucylucy.