Reflections and projections of self pleasure: to us, that’s what Masturbation May is all about. This year, we’re bringing you an Artist Window Series featuring four evocative Naarm creatives, showcased over four weeks.

The series itself will showcase impressions and expressions of self-pleasure, as a bodily experience that coexists with artistic expression. Whether the underlying intersections of the concept be personal or political, each installation reminds us of how self pleasure is not merely a contemporary movement but a theme historically featured through art for centuries.

Additionally, the series is here to platform emerging artists and present work beyond the conventions of gallery spaces that may censor certain themes or content and not ordinarily provide the same kind of viewing opportunity.

Some installations are paired with live performances; all of them paired with an interview and display, up-close and personal on Fitzroy’s bustling Brunswick Street. Join us beyond the gallery’s austere, Dulux Vivid White™ walls for a sensory season of pleasure.

Introducing, “Points of Contact”, screen print on silk by  Morus Quin

Morus Quin (they/them) unfurls the histories that our bodies hold onto and how these experiences inform the ways that we make contact with both each other and with ourselves. Their practice delves into the concept of self pleasure as an avenue of discovery and a space to expand an intimacy within ourselves.

Quin's work speaks for a movement of sexual liberation that is both anchored and embodied, intersectional, connected and engaged with wider systems of compassion. Engaged and inspired by every expression of our bodies, Quin's practice draws forward, cheeky, analytic and challenging ideas to our cultural dispositions toward sexuality.

Live performance
The installation will be activated with a live in-store performance on Saturday 11th May between 5.30pm – 6.15pm (AEST). Get directions.

We interviewed the artist to learn more about their relationship with rude art, culture, creativity and censorship.

Passionfruit: As a creative, what is something you wish folks would ask you/never ask you?

Morus Quin: Creative stumbles! I'm interested in the awkward parts of a practice that emerge as we fumble our way through discovery and exploration. I'd love to discuss the place where these pitfalls become discovery and where creative energy becomes resilient energy.

P: What’s the best reaction you’ve ever received towards your art/art practice? 

MQ: Hearing stories where people have felt inspired and liberated within themselves from witnessing the art <3.

P: When it comes to rude art, experiences and culture, are there any pieces, you love or are shocked by, that may be censored or missed by other audiences? 

MQ: I love rude art. Crackhead Barney & Friends (@crackheadbarneyandfriends) is an absolute public menace, but I'm in love! She's also completely engaged, witty and has her finger right on the pulse. Also, some years ago, I saw an incredible artwork by Molly Lolly called, ‘Come Fuck My Pussy Up’. Both to me, really reorient what it means to be rude.

I think these rude and contentious artworks meet the viewer where they are at. Whether the censorship comes from within or from the culture we are in, I think they push us to come into contact with our walls. They give people an opportunity to ask where our censorship has come from and why it is there, what the viewer does with that and how they interpret that contact, I guess is up to them.

P: What’s next for Morus Quin?

MQ: I've been working on a documentary film called, "Unspeakable: Rediscovering Sexual Liberation after Sexual Violence" with the wonderful Jenna Alyssa Martin (Producer) and Esther Bridget Joy (Director).

We are in pre-production and looking for more hands on deck! Namely another producer, those with experience who are open to being a head of department and those who might be able to help with funding – though we are appreciative of all kinds of help and support, so please reach out if this calls to you!

Get in touch with Morus Quin via  or follow them @morus.quin on Instagram.