8 Ways To Enjoy Nipple Clamps That May Surprise You

All bodies can enjoy nipple clamps and you don’t even need a partner to enjoy the arousal they provide.

Clamps can give mild, strong or intense pressure, depending on how much you tighten them and which ones you choose. (There is an intensity guideline with each product on our website).

Nipple clamps can be attached either on or behind the nipple and will feel different either way. Arouse the nipple first, pull on it a little and attach the clamp.They are perfectly fine to use on inverted nipples or those with piercings, just pull the skin and clamp.

Clamps contain the blood within the nipple, making them super sensitive. A little lick, some ice, a feather, a bite or a flicking of the clamp can increase sensation 100 times over. Your nipple can feel a bit numb after a little while and that’s when a little tug on the chain or a tap of the clamp can feel amazing. A bit of rocking during sex has the same effect.

Once the clamp is removed, the nipple is fully sensitised and this is when you can experiment with different sensations.

We recommend only using them for 10 minutes at a time to begin with and keeping in constant communication with your lover so that you don’t go beyond your limits. Set a timer so you don't forget and consult your doctor if you have any blood flow disorders or conditions as clamping decreases blood flow to the nipple and then floods it again when removed.

Here are some reasons why you should consider them as an integral part of your sexual play and some tips on how to use them.

Image via Liberator 

1. If you feel that your body is asleep sexually, nipple clamps are a brilliant way to ‘wake it up’! Perhaps you’ve been breastfeeding forever, maybe medication has played havoc with your sexuality or you just haven’t felt like sex in a long time. If you can't turn your mind off during sex then nipple clamps will invade your mind to the detriment of all else.  In her book Tantric Orgasm for Women, Diana Richardson devotes an entire chapter to the ‘magnetic rod’ that runs between the breasts and vagina, stating that it is the key to female orgasm. Nipple clamps can jolt the body into fuller sexual awareness.

2. Nipple clamps that have a chain between them are a great way to gauge how much pressure you can take. Have your lover pull on them during penetration or at the point of climax for maximum intensity.

3. Incorporate nipple clamps into your masturbation practice. You can pull on the chain with your mouth whilst simultaneously using your fingers or vibrator.

4. Attach clamps to each side of the labia. This can feel truly amazing and enliven the nerve system that is underneath the skin and that forms part of the extended clitoris.

5. Likewise, clamps can be attached to the scrotum for intense pleasure. Stroking the penis whilst tugging on the scrotum can mix up your play and be incredibly erotic. You can read this article for further info on penis and scrotum clamping.

6. Taking off the clamp is when the real party starts. This is when blood rushes back into the area and pain or pleasure can be at its most intense. Remove quickly or slowly. Experimentation is key.

7. The sensation you are left with after having nipple clamps removed can last for days. Delicious thoughts of your previous session can leave you in a state of orgasmic bliss and we’re all for that.

8. Adding more eroticism to your play will only intensify the feeling of nipple clamps. Mix it up with cuffs, a blindfold or some good old fashioned role play and really enliven your body and relationships.

Nipple play can be enjoyed by all genders with many people experiencing orgasm purely from nipple play alone. How amazing is that? You can learn more about how to give a nipple orgasm from The School of Squirt here.

  • Always remove clamps if there is any swelling or change of colour and be extra careful with piercings.