Australian creative nude erotic model, Louisa Wood, has joined our community as a Passionfruit Affiliate. We interviewed the artist and muse on her passions, professions and relationship with pleasure. Get cosy, get comfortable, and get acquainted.  

Passionfruit: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Louisa Wood: Oh, hey there! Louisa Wood here, my pronouns are she/her. Entering this world in the month of July makes me a Cancerian; soft on the inside, hard on the outside. You know how it is, *snaps claws*.

I’ve spent the last decade lifting the moods of whoever enters my salon doors. Hairdressing allows me to interact with a wide range of human beings from all walks of life, it’s a bonus that I get to make hair pretty and help people express themselves. I’m also a Creative Nude Erotic Model, diving into the industry in 2016 to shoot nude sets for Suicide Girls. Now, I enjoy doing my own thing, shooting art and content for my OnlyFans page (NSFW for adults aged 18+ only) and being a still image and life drawing model/muse for other artists.

P: How do you like to celebrate your sensuality and sexuality?

LW: I spent a majority of my youth on a journey in my own sensuality and sexuality, dating mainly women and feminine-presenting people. Growing up and experiencing the softness of feminine connection, has helped mould me into someone who is comfortable within their sex.

Being just that little bit older now, I like to celebrate my sexuality by being unapologetically and artistically sensual through my modelling work. The erotic art captured with my partner ( is a very good example of this.

P: What’s one thing you wish you knew when you were younger about pleasure?

LW: This takes me back to an experience with an ex-lover who found it strange that I was *so* moist, and would often speak negatively about it. This made me uncomfortable so I would withhold my own sexual prowess. To my past self, I would say, “It’s not you, it’s them. Legit. Don’t restrict yourself to be small. Get outta there, woman! ASAP. Own that pussy pride!” Safe to say that relationship didn’t last long.

Louisa Wood Interviews with a martini in hand
Louisa Wood Interviews with a martini in hand

P: Making costumes and outfits, developing concepts with your partner, cutting and styling hair; you have so many outlets for self-expression! Does exploring and experimenting creatively influence how you express and emote with your physical body? 

LW: Well, when you put it like that I do seem to do a lot. Reading and responding to this, is the first time I’ve kind of thought about it. I like to believe that everyone is capable of doing something creative, no matter what the medium is. I like to put my full self into everything, while experiencing new things. Whether it be, trying out a new harness in the bedroom, going to a pottery class or to the opera. If you’re going to do something, do it the best you possibly can. And you always have to try something once to know you don’t like it! 

P: Lingerie or toys; could you pick just one?

LW: TOYS! Didn’t even need to think long on this one! I adore my toy collection and there will only be more added to it. I love lingerie on other people, but I’m definitely a nude girl. 

P: What gives you that ‘HELL YES’ moment when you’re deciding to invest in a toy or a lingerie set?

LW: The ‘HELL YES’ always comes after figuring out there are 4+ speed settings. The kicker for me is if it comes in silver, as well as other colours. Not enough things come in silver. A lot of the time it’s gold or rose gold. Good thing the Vesper comes in all three! 

P: Masc and femme sensual and sexual energy mean different things to different people. How do these resonate with you, and how do you like to explore them in your work? 

LW: In the past I have chopped and changed between masc and femme-presenting, and don’t find myself associating gender to specific styles. 

As a teenager I rode the wave of different sexualities, first coming out as bisexual, then lesbian. Exploring my sexuality came with different feelings about my own gender. By focusing on my masc aesthetic when I was identifying as lesbian (‘butch’ was a popular way of putting it. The ‘Shane’ aesthetic from the hit 2004 TV series ’The L Word’ was very popular around that time!) I pushed myself into a box that I couldn’t get out of both creatively and emotionally. 

Eventually, I allowed myself to dip and dive into everything and anything, physical expression wise. Now I like to sit under the umbrella term, queer. It’s 2022, and I really don’t want to be in a box. 

P: We’re always keen to find some gems to bring to our community. Do you have any go-to lingerie or toy brands you’d love to share with us? 

LW: Oh my god, thank you for asking! I live for miniature sex toys in the form of jewellery, functional or not! Y’all need to check out Oo Panini. I adore my silver ’Butt Plug’ pendant and the fact that I can put it onto any of my chains is amazing, which means it’s a must-have with all of my outfits. This takes us to the star of the show, the Vesper Vibrator Necklace from Crave. It was love at first sight. Check out my review to find out why it’s a must-have.

Lousia Wood Interviews with a crave vesper

P: We love to connect communities! What are your favourite Insta accounts, who should we be following and why?

LW: Kate Lister is a favourite historian, writer and podcast host of mine. I have a big love of learning about gender and sexuality history and Kate has written two books on the subject; ’The Curious History Of Sex’ and ‘Harlots, Whores and Hackabouts: A History of Sex for Sale’. Both are a must-read! I have her Instagram (@More_Whores_Of_Yore) notifications switched-on to let me know when they post because the information they share is SO fascinating. Follow ASAP. 

P: What’s important to you when it comes to being an affiliate for a brand or a business?

LW: I think you, the reader, would agree that we are drawn to brands or businesses where within their messaging we see a part of ourselves; we see representation. You can imagine yourself wearing or using the products, even before purchasing them. Passionfruit makes the effort to educate people on sexual health, lingerie, sex toys, or anything saucy, and that’s huge. Being educated about the human body makes you even more comfortable with your own.

P: Bonnie, your cat, features in so much of your creative content, we are living for it! So we have to ask. Cats or dogs?

LW: Haha! Yes, Bonnie is a star, but only for about 5 minutes and then she’ll get camera shy and walk off. Sometimes I’ll just be filming an unboxing and she just can’t resist herself, she needs her five-minutes of fame. So, during the editing process I can’t help but keep her in the videos. She’s too cute! But, I like them both! Growing up I had 3 English Springer Spaniel dogs (Mum is allergic to cats) and I adored them! Love dogs, puppies specifically. Before meeting my partner I hadn’t met a cat like Bonnie, she’s such a calm but quirky cat and allows me to dance with her, kiss her on the head and she doesn’t really mind at all. She’s just happy to be here. 

LW: Well, that’s me, Louisa Wood, and now you practically know all of the things I would tell you after my third Long Island Iced Tea. This has been cosy, almost too comfortable? Haha! Did you feel that? No? Maybe?.... Never mind. Go watch my Vesper Vibrator Necklace Review, now! Farewell and happy cumming!

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