What's Going in the Hall of Fame? Only the best sex toys.

In the world of sexual wellness, the term "best sex toys" represents the pinnacle of innovation and pleasure. As we unveil our list of the best sex toys of 2023, we invite you to join us in celebrating these outstanding products that have set new standards in the industry.


Our team at Passionfruit, with a deep understanding of individual pleasure journeys, has thoroughly explored a wide array of products to bring you this curated selection of the best sex toys. We believe that the best sex toys are those that not only showcase innovative features but also resonate with a diverse range of personal preferences and experiences.


In this exploration of the best sex toys of the year, we encourage you to discover what truly brings you pleasure and joy. Remember, the best sex toy for you is the one that meets your unique desires and needs. Let’s dive into our list of the best sex toys of 2023, each earning its place in the Passionfruit Hall of Fame for its exceptional ability to enhance personal pleasure and intimacy.

1. Best Sex Toy Overall 2023

The Fun Factory Mea suction toy has left us all here at PF in one quivering, sated heap. The tactile shape, the mind-blowing features and unparalleled performance make it easily the best product we've seen in years. It's like having your own personal pleasure wizard. The motor is the quietest you'll find in any suction toy and the charging case alone made us climax.

2. Best G-Spot Toy of 2023

Prepare to be transported to another dimension of pleasure with the radically improved Rave+ from We-Vibe. From the subterranean vibrations that rock you to your core to the soft silicone and bendable form, the Rave+ will leave you begging for more. It's truly the G-Bomb!

3. Best Sex Toy For Travel

With the Le Wand Deux you can travel knowing that orgasms await in every hotel room because no charging cord is necessary. Just plug it directly into any USB hole and you've found the Holy Grail. Plus it's gorgeous.

4. Best Sex Toy For Hands-Free Play

Ferri is the rocket that launches 1000 pulsating pleasures in your underpants. The vibrations are of megalomaniac proportions, rendering the wearer useless for anything but drooling stutters. Contolled via an app for whomever dares to play.

5. Best Wand of 2023

Wands abound this year but one stands tall and proud amongst the plebs. Fun Factory's Vim Massager ticks and pleasures every box conceivable. Flexible. Powerful. Light. Trusty. The perfect end to 2023.

6. Best Dildos

No ‘Best Sex Toys’ list is complete without a dildo! These strap-on-me squeezable forms are like having a personal masseuse for your insides. The firm core allows you to bend them to customise your pleasure while the marshmallowy exteriors deliver unparalleled sensation. Available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit multiple levels of experience. They can be used vaginally or anally and will stick like liquid nails to any non-porous surface.

7. Best Dildos 2023 Special Mention

Dildolls Barbie-esque delights in even more fandagled hues have given us everything this year. Burn out never looked this good.  

8. Best Double Dildos

All hail strap-on-me for their upgraded double dildo styles. We elevate them to the Best Sex Toys Hall of Fame because of their superior feel, their original design and their unnerving ability to satisfy both the giver and the receiver.

9. Best Cock Pleaser Sex Toy

Sam Neo might well deliver the best blow job of your life, with the kind of sucking and vibrating action that will leave you in a fantasmagorical dreamscape. And you can use the toy with apps, adult video content and webcam platforms. For one of our best sex toys, it comes at a great price too.

10. Best Bullet of 2023

When JeJoue's Amour came into our lives we, well...we came! With its soft as a petal tip, you can use it to fluttery effect all over the body. Blindfold and tie your lover up and torture them with your flower! Our best sex toy in the bullet category can be used to tease all your pleasure points such as the clitoris, nipples, testicles, and vulva. 

There you have it, folks—the best sex toys of 2023 that have made it into the Hall of Fame. Remember, pleasure is a personal journey, so don't be afraid to explore and find what works best for you. Also, keep in mind when we say ‘Best Sex Toys’ that pleasure is always subjective. While it's nice to try recommendations from a reliable source, never stop exploring as you never know what's going to be YOUR best sex toy. That is, until you're quivering in delight!