Dear Michelle,

Here's a question of a different nature, that I have not been able to find a satisfactory answer to. Over the years my wife and I have amassed a collection of toys and over that time some have been good and some have been less than so, and some we've just grown tired of or have been replaced by better ones. With the drawer overflowing we thought we'd throw some out, but the idea of silicon piling up in the landfill doesn't seem that responsible. So is there a more environmentally friendly alternative to throwing our toys in the wheelie bin?

Thanks, MM




Fair question MM. The irresponsible discarding of sex toys is no laughing matter. I would seriously encourage you and your wife to take up this rapidly growing new movement of up-cycling your old sex toys, just as 'this woman' (my dear old Aunt Tiff) does. And if you have a local market you can sell them at, all the better.

If craft isn't your thing, Victorian legislation requires that you consider vibrators as e-waste and dispose of accordingly - usually at a designated drop off site.

Thanks for the thoughtful question MM and happy up-cycling :)

Much love and good vibes,

Michelle xxx

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