This one is so close to my heart because I was best friends with my now husband before we got together. It took years before having sex with him didn't feel weird.



When you're best friends and you feel's hard to ignore. But unrequited love is up there as one of the most painful of all emotions. Can you risk it, freaked out and confused?



Let's take things slow. Have you noticed any reciprocal feelings? Is there any sexual tension? Do you have any physical communication? Look for clues and be honest with yourself. If there's no indication of romantic interest, then pursuing a relationship may lead to disappointment.



I would suggest a little flirting to gauge the situation. Nothing overt, just little things like offering a neck massage or your jacket when it's cold, baking a cake for them, seeing a romantic movie together or making sure they get home alright. Actions rather than proclamations.



Considering your best friend's love language is a great idea too. (Read the blog HERE). Tailor your flirting to suit their personality and try not to come on too strong. We're just testing the waters here.



If you've decided to take the chance, you can either dive in for the kiss or open up about your feelings first. Either way, it takes intuition and self awareness. It helps to learn how to listen to your inner voice and read bodily queues. Now you have three ways this could go if you feel like taking the chance. 


  • Bloody brilliant and you end up together forever.

  • Unrequited but the friendship continues (albeit somewhat differently).

  • The friendship is over.


Consider that studies show that being vulnerable doesn't make you look weak, it actually makes you more likeable, and that we regret more what we don't do in life rather than what we do. Be bold and take the risk.

Good luck!