Welcome to The Voluptuary Season - a campaign presented with the aim to encourage sensual and sexual indulgence. It explores, through interviews and photography, ways to create space for pleasure, become more connected to our bodies and give and receive love.

Today I’m talking with sex educator Olivia Bryant about her journey to the depths of her cervix, the bliss she discovered and the life path it ultimately revealed.

Sit back and listen to Olivia's extraordinary story, her wise words and her tips and techniques for cervical healing, pleasure and orgasm.

You can sign into one of Olivia's cervical awakening, pleasure and orgasm workshops HERE

Photography by Jessica Ledwich

Glass Forte Wand by Crave

  1. a person devoted to luxury and sensual pleasure.
  1. concerned with or characterized by luxury and sensual pleasure.

    "a voluptuary decade when high living was in style"